Art That Brings Joy: Jamie Browne’s Quirky Characters and Funny Scenes

Quirky Characters, Funny Scenes, And Catchy Slogans That Make You Smile And Laugh

Jamie Browne, the talented illustrator, possesses a distinctive and effortlessly cool style. His artistic repertoire encompasses whimsical characters, amusing scenarios, and captivating catchphrases that epitomize his personality and wit. Collaborating with renowned brands such as Volcom, Vans, and Stab Magazine, Jamie has garnered a devoted following on Instagram. However, his artistic odyssey commenced during his … Read more

Realistic 3D Crochet Portraits by Akbar Erabiyan


Are you looking for unique and visually stunning art pieces? Look no further than the world of 3D crochet portraits! These beautiful creations, made using 3D software, are sure to amaze you with their realistic appearance. Akbar Erabiyan is an artist who creates larger-than-life crochet creations using 3D software. The realistic appearance of his work … Read more

35 Funny And Witty Illustrations By The Creative Lucas Levitan


If the name Lucas Levitan is not unknown to you, it should come as no surprise. Some time ago, the creative got noticed with an artistic project called “Photo Invasion,” in which he had fun adding unusual characters to Instagram photos, as we presented in this article. Today, he is back with a new series … Read more