Who is Monica burying on Yellowstone?

The episode includes a burial ceremony for Monica and Kayce's (Luke Grimes) child. Monica, an Indigenous character in the show, cuts her hair and places her braid on the child's coffin, which is traditional in some Native cultures. The camera pans to Filesteel, who is wearing her own ribbon skirt and black shirt.
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Who does Monica want to bury on Yellowstone?

Back at the Yellowstone, Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) bury their son under Thomas Rainwater's (Gil Birmingham) watchful eye.
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Who is buried on the Dutton ranch?

A yet-unannounced 1923 character may have been revealed in Yellowstone season 5, which shows that a woman named Patience Dutton - born in 1931 - is buried in the Dutton Ranch graveyard.
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Who did Kayce and Monica bury?

In doing so, they end up digging a grave to bury John Dutton Sr.'s (Kevin Costner) horse beside baby John as part of his Indigenous ceremony. Down in their family graveyard, Kayce and Monica grieve their late son, placing the final dirt over his burial as the ceremony commences.
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Did Kayce and Monica bury their children on the ranch?

As seen in Yellowstone season 4's 1883 flashback, Kayce and Monica's son isn't the first Indigenous American buried on Dutton land. However, baby John is not only the first Dutton with Indigenous blood to be buried on the ranch, but also the first to be buried with a horse.
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Does Monica ever find out that Kayce killed her brother?

Throughout the series, Monica is kept unaware of her brother's death early on, and after his widow commits suicide in what Monica considers a sacrifice for their children's welfare, she expresses to Kayce that she feels they ought to consider leaving the reservation to spare Tate the sadness of his cousins moving to ...
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Does Kayce Dutton tell Monica he killed her brother?

On the family-drama side, the recovering (for now) Monica finally gets Kayce to admit that he killed her brother, and tells him that she's no longer going to stand in his way if he wants to leave the reservation and reenlist. (“I'm telling you to go,” she says.)
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Was Kayce with his mom when she died?

So, how did Evelyn Dutton die? She lost her life on March 30, 1997, during a horseback riding accident. Her horse got spooked and fell on her while she was out riding with Beth and Kayce.
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Why does Jamie's father hate him on Yellowstone?

The underlying reason for John Dutton's dislike of Jamie is their differing personality and views on life. It is why they often fight, argue, and even work against each other in various stages of their life. Of course, it's also possible that John dislikes Jamie because he's adopted and not a true-blooded Dutton.
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Why is Monica so mad at Kayce?

She wanted a peaceful and normal life for herself and Tate, away from the ranch and its enemies³. She resented Kayce for being involved in the war for Yellowstone between John Dutton and Market Equities¹. She also feared that Kayce would die or kill someone else in the process³.
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Is Elsa's grave on the Dutton ranch?

Yellowstone fans know that Duttons have been buried in the same spot in Montana for over a century. The Dutton family cemetery makes more sense after 1883 revealed that Elsa was the first person to be buried on the land.
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Did Rip inherit the ranch?

Rip is marked with the ranch brand to prove he will accept "a second chance" after having killed his father. Rip works his way up as time passes, eventually gaining authority over other ranch hands and even becoming the foreman of the ranch.
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Who inherits Dutton ranch in Yellowstone?

Emma Dutton – Emma Dutton is the wife of John Dutton I. Together, the two have Jack Dutton, who will inherit the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch from his parents.
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Does Monica get pregnant in Yellowstone?

In the second episode of the new Paramount series, the character is pregnancy with her second child. She can be seen driving erratically to the hospital, despite an ambulance already on its way for her that her husband had called.
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What is John Dutton's secret?

Beth finally learns another deep family secret: John Dutton has been chucking corpses on the Montana border for years; in fact, the episode began with a young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein), who at the urging of a young John Dutton (Josh Lucas), discards the body of a cowboy who got a little too lippy about his beloved ...
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Why does no one like Monica on Yellowstone?

In short, she's a buzzkill even if she responds to events like anyone else would. The second theory is that her ideology runs across a more conservative ideology held tight by viewers and (if we're being honest) the Dutton family. Listeners didn't bite on either of those theories, however.
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Why was Beth sterilized in Yellowstone?

When Beth was a teenager, she got pregnant. She sought help from Jamie, who assisted her efforts to get an abortion. But, in order to keep the pregnancy from leaking to the press and embarrassing the family, Jamie took Beth to a free clinic on a Reservation, where sterilization was mandatory with abortions.
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Who got Beth pregnant on Yellowstone?

It was eventually revealed in Yellowstone season 3 that when she was a teenager, she became pregnant by Rip. Terrified of her father finding out, she confided in Jamie to help her get an abortion.
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Why is Beth blamed for her mother's death?

Years later, Beth still blames herself for her mother's death because she didn't step in to help. Even during the flashback scene at the start of the episode, a young Beth (played by Kylie Rogers) explained to Rip how it impacted her: "I killed my mother by being scared.
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How did Monica and Kayce lose their baby?

At the start of season five, a heavily pregnant Monica desperately drives herself to the hospital to give birth before a cow suddenly appears on the road. The resulting crash throws Monica several feet from the wreckage, and her son dies shortly after an agonising labour.
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What did Kayce tell his wife he saw?

Facing trouble in either path, Kayce told Monica that he “saw the end of us.” This clearly meant that it's time for Kayce to choose between his two lives: being a Dutton and being a member of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation.
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Do the Duttons lose the ranch?

In the Duttons' case, they protect their way of life and ranch through the easement, and keep their property whole, as John intends. The family can continue to live there, and the land can be sold or passed on to heirs.
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What happens to Kayce's wife?

After having surgery, Monica started a long and drawn-out healing process. In order to speed up the healing of her injury, Monica visits physical therapy while she is recovering. With so many difficulties in their lives, Monica and Kayce's relationship deteriorates as she recovers from her brain injury.
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Does Monica cheat in Yellowstone?

Monica almost entirely hooks up with her physical therapist

It all culminates in "Blood The Boy" when she and Martin become partially intimate in bed, but she ultimately calls it off before they go too far.
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