What is the least expensive type of refrigerator?

Top- and bottom-freezer refrigerators are the most affordable styles you can buy, often costing less than roughly $1,000. French door and side-by-side refrigerators tend to be significantly more expensive, as they generally have more modern features.
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Which style refrigerator is most efficient?

side-by-side fridges — yes, it does matter where that freezer sits: The most energy efficient refrigerator style is a top-mount freezer refrigerator.
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Which style of refrigerator has least repairs?

Refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom are more likely to need repair than top freezer refrigerators. Bottom freezer refrigerators of all brands with an ice dispenser are more likely to have problems than bottom freezer refrigerators that do not have an ice dispenser.
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What type of refrigerator is the most reliable?

Bottom Line: Which Refrigerator Brand Is the Best? While there are a variety of innovative, durable refrigerator brands on the market, GE, Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid are the most reliable. GE is a longtime manufacturer of durable refrigerators with high style and performance.
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Is counter depth fridge more expensive?

Counter-depth appliances typically cost about 15 to 20 percent more than standard refrigerators that have comparable features, and it is not uncommon for the appliance to be slightly smaller in capacity.
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What's the BEST Fridge to Buy? The Truth Will SURPRISE You!

Which is better counter-depth or standard refrigerator?

Counter-depth fridges are shallower to achieve a built-in appearance while standard fridges generally offer more capacity. Either way, your refrigerator is essential to storing all your fresh ingredients. The right refrigerator can open the doors to reimagining your every meal.
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Do I want standard or counter-depth refrigerator?

If you value a sleek and integrated appearance, a counter-depth refrigerator may be for you. If you prioritize storage space and flexibility, a standard-depth refrigerator may be the better choice.
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What brand of refrigerator has the least problems?

These are our picks for best refrigerator brands of 2022:
  • Best overall refrigerator brand: LG.
  • Best budget refrigerator brand: Frigidaire.
  • Best high-end refrigerator brand: Sub-Zero.
  • Best smart refrigerator brand: Samsung.
  • Best energy-efficient refrigerator brand: Whirlpool.
  • Most reliable refrigerator brand: GE.
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What refrigerator has the longest life?

The Fridges With the Longest Lifespan
  • GE French Door Refrigerator. If you have a large family or cook often and need to store large containers of leftovers, the GE French Door fridge is a great choice. ...
  • Samsung Counter-Depth Side by Side. ...
  • LG Side by Side.
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What is the average life of a refrigerator today?

How Long Do Refrigerators Last on Average? Estimates range in terms of how long fridges last; some sources say 10 years while others say as long as 25 years. According to the United States Department of Energy, refrigerators last approximately 12 years. At that point, it's likely time to replace it.
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What is the most expensive part of a refrigerator to replace?

Control Board. The control board is a vital part of the refrigeration process since no part of the fridge can function without it. This makes it one of the most expensive parts of a refrigerator to fix. If the refrigerator has stopped working suddenly, it may have something to do with the control board.
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What usually fails in a fridge?

The three most common reasons for failures that we see as a result of wear & tear are a mechanically locked compressor, failure of the fan motor, and dirty condenser coils. The refrigerator's compressor is the heart of the cooling system; without a working compressor the refrigerator cannot function.
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What is the most common style of refrigerator?

The top freezer style refrigerator is the most commonly found model in American homes. The main reasons are because of its low price point and storage size.
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Which type of refrigerator consumes less electricity?

Size and Type

According to Energystar.gov the most energy-efficient models for refrigerators are 16 to 20 cubic feet. “In general, top or bottom mount freezers use a lot less energy than side by side models and are typically less expensive to purchase,” says NRDC's Noah Horowitz.
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Which is more efficient top or bottom freezer?

If you live in a single household, have a smaller kitchen, or prefer to allocate more of your budget toward other appliances, then a top freezer fridge is a great pick. They are a more affordable option compared to bottom freezer fridges and they use less energy, making them much cheaper to operate.
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Why are French door fridges less efficient?

Requires More Energy Due to Sizes

Because they have such a large interior capacity, many French door refrigerators will be more expensive to run than other configurations of fridge. This is simply due to the nature of physics: it takes more energy to keep a large space cool than it does to cool a small space.
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Is a 10 year old refrigerator worth buying?

But, as a good rule of thumb, if you have multiple faulty parts or if your refrigerator is over ten years old, it is probably time to replace it. Consumer Reports recommends replacing your refrigerator if the cost to repair it is more than half the price of buying a new one.
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Do expensive fridges last longer?

Out of the gate, a luxury refrigerator is going to last you longer and potentially up to 20 years, Petrino says, “You get what you pay for.” There can be differences in quality between an affordable brand versus a luxury brand, but it comes down to consumer habits, as well.
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Why do old refrigerators last so long?

Older Appliances Were Designed to Last

Another reason that older appliances tend to last longer is that they were designed to be repaired, rather than replaced. The parts were simple and easy to fix, so people could keep their appliances running for much longer than they can today.
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How long do cheap refrigerators last?

The lifespan of a typical fridge ranges from 10-15 years, and if you are still within the first half of this range, you should have plenty of time before needing to replace it. If it is on the upper end of that range, it's likely on its last legs.
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Who makes best refrigerators?

If you want a teched-out fridge with every bell and whistle possible, LG is the best refrigerator brand to shop. But be prepared to splurge; these smart features don't come cheap. However, it's important to note that LG outfits its smaller and counter-depth refrigerator models with nifty tech, too.
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Why are smaller refrigerators more expensive?

Manufacturers make fewer counter-depth products compared to standard depth fridges which affects unit-level cost. In addition, manufacturers often use more costly, but thinner insulation material to provide as much interior space as possible; also contributing to their higher cost.
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How far should a refrigerator stick out from cabinets?

While less expensive and bigger on storage space, standard-depth fridges will stick out six or more inches beyond your cabinetry.
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What is a standard refrigerator size?

Standard refrigerator sizes range from around 24 to 40 inches in width, 62 to 72 inches in height and 29 to 36 inches in depth. Generally speaking, french door and side-by-side refrigerators will be larger in width and height, though counter-depth models are frequently available in these two configurations.
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Do you lose space with a counter-depth refrigerator?

DO YOU LOSE SPACE WITH A COUNTER-DEPTH REFRIGERATOR? Counter-depth refrigerators help save kitchen space but can offer slightly less capacity than standard models. However, some counter-depth models are wider or taller than standard options to help minimize this difference in capacity.
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