What is a famous German car?

Mercedes-Benz (German pronunciation: [mɛɐ̯ˈtseːdəsˌbɛnts, -dɛs-]), commonly referred to as Mercedes and sometimes as Benz, is a German luxury and commercial vehicle automotive brand established in 1926.
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What is the most famous car in Germany?

The VW Golf remained Germany's favorite car model in 2022 despite some hiccups.
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What is the No 1 German car?

Volkswagen was the most popular car brand in Germany thus far in 2022, followed by Opel and Mercedes-Benz. All three car brands originated in Germany and are among the names responsible for making the German automotive industry a global player.
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Which German car is best?

5 Best German Car Brands in 2023
  • Mercedes Benz. In the year 1885, Carl Benz designed the first automobile in Mannheim; the Benz Patent Motorwagen. ...
  • Volkswagen. The German government founded the Volkswagen car brand in 1937, aiming to provide affordability and reliability to the average driver. ...
  • Audi. ...
  • Porsche. ...
  • Take away.
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Is Mercedes or BMW more popular?

Answer: The latest models of the BMW 3 and 4 Series were the luxury brand's top-selling cars in 2022. Question: Is BMW more popular or Mercedes Benz? Answer: According to the latest sales reports (2021-2022), BMW has recorded a higher number of sales compared to Mercedes-Benz.
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Why Luxury Cars Are Unreliable And Expensive | BMW, Mercedes, And More

Are Audi better than BMW?

The two manufacturers are vying for the attention of the same target market but they hone in on different specs and features. Audi pull ahead when it comes to styling and tech, but BMW offer a smoother, sportier driving experience.
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Is A Porsche better than a BMW?

The most popular BMW builds cars include the X series SUV, the M series sports car, and the I series electric car. When it comes to performance, Porsche is typically considered the better brand. However, BMW offers a wide range of models to choose from, so you can find one that fits your needs.
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Is BMW better than VW?

Performance models

All in all, we love both brands, they both have excellent build quality and intelligent design features. BMW models have more luxurious interiors, an arguably better infotainment system and they are made for driving enjoyment.
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Are German cars nice?

German cars have also been praised for their distinctive styling, characterised by muscular wheel arches and perfectly creased body panels. This has made them all the more desirable, often captivating customers even before they step in for a test drive.
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Is A Porsche better than a Mercedes?

Both Mercedes and Porsche make exceptional cars. Their phenomenal ride quality, performance, handling, and design make their luxury cars well-worth the exorbitant ask price. However, if you had to choose a single luxury car brand, we would say pick a Porsche. Their cars start much lower and are cheaper to maintain.
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Are Audi better than Mercedes?

Since Audi is all about all-wheel drive, and Mercedes only offers all-wheel drive on some of its models, Audi is an obvious choice when it comes to performance and reliability. Speaking of which, Audi also beat out Mercedes in Consumer Reports' road test as being a much more reliable brand over Mercedes.
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Is Audi the best German car?

A vehicle dependability study by Consumer Reports has ranked the Audi A5 and A4 among the top 10 most reliable cars. Meanwhile, other models, like the Audi A3, Q5, or A6 have shown their credibility in the reliability study curated by French outlet Delivauto, beating several rivals from BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
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What luxury car is from Germany?

Germany is famous for the high-performance and high-quality sports cars made by Porsche, and the cars of Mercedes, BMW and Audi are famous for their quality and technological innovation. These mechanical engineers heavily influenced Germany's foray into the automotive market.
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What is the most popular car in Europe?

Leading car models in Europe by units sold 2022

The best-selling vehicle model in Europe is the Peugeot 208. Peugeot sold about 206,800 units of the 208 model in European markets in 2022. It was followed by Dacia Sandero with over 200 thousand units sold.
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Why Germany is good in cars?

Well, the Germans design cars not just to look fast, but to be able to be safely driven at very high speeds. The German highway system often has no required speed limit, which allows drivers to use their horsepower. Cars there need to be able to perform at these top speeds, and German cars do. Precision Engineering.
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What cars do Germany use?

Top Five German Car Brands
  • Volkswagen. Volkswagen is the flagship brand for the Volkswagen Group and is considered to be one of the most reliable brands on the global market. ...
  • Mercedes-Benz. ...
  • Audi. ...
  • BMW. ...
  • Porsche.
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Are European cars better?

When it comes to American cars vs European, most car enthusiasts can agree that European cars handle better at higher speeds. Some people even say that the US builds cheaper versions of European auto that can go fast but can't turn a corner.
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Why do Germans love cars so much?

Nothing moves Germans more than their cars: Cars are the main means of transport in Germany. At the same time, cars kindle emotions, symbolize freedom and dynamism, status, lifestyle and power. Cult automobiles such as the Volkswagen Beetle or the East German Trabant are 'motorized' memories of German history.
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Are German or Japanese cars better?

A long automotive history and a powerful racing heritage give German cars the edge when it comes to build quality. However, in recent years Japanese cars have quickly moved away from a rather underwhelming reputation for quality in the 1960s and '70s and are now easily a match for styling and quality.
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Is BMW good or bad?

The Reliability of BMW Cars at First Glance

In fact, BMW often ranks in the top ten when it comes to the most reliable automakers and cars, according to several consumer reports. However, BMW is consistently outranked in reliability by Kia, Toyota, and Lexus.
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Is BMW stronger than Benz?

While you may get more power and top speed from a Mercedes, expect to pay slightly more for gas. BMWs tend to have smaller, more efficient engines than their Mercedes competitors, giving you more miles per gallon.
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Are BMWs worth it?

BMWs are known for their excellent build quality. Many other brands tend to cut corners on things like paintwork, interior materials, and dashboard design in order to save money. BMWs don't do this – and won't ever do this – they make sure everything has a premium look and feel, inside and out.
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Is Porsche better than Audi?

Both of these automakers have an exceptional reputation for quality and style and are popular among enthusiasts and real-world drivers alike. Porsche comes out on top when compared to rivals thanks to its legendary reputation for offering high-performance vehicles.
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Do Porsche cars last?

Porsche vehicles typically have excellent longevity, lasting from 100,000 to 200,000 miles. With regular maintenance at Porsche Fairfield, your car may even reach 250,000 miles or more, which is usually over 17 years.
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Is Mercedes or Porsche more luxurious?

When the Luxury Institute mapped each brand's value index to each brand's worthiness of a significant price premium, Porsche rated a strong first as the brand most worthy of a significant price premium. Mercedes was second, followed by BMW.
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