What I wish I knew before hip replacement surgery?

Remember you can't bend more than 90 degrees in those early days, so ensure everyday items are stored at waist height. It's also worth thinking about hiring a raised toilet seat and a shower chair. Setting up a recovery station is a great way to avoid unnecessarily getting up and down when you're trying to recover.
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What hurts the most after hip replacement surgery?

You can expect to experience some discomfort in the hip region itself, as well as groin pain and thigh pain. This is normal as your body adjusts to changes made to joints in that area. There can also be pain in the thigh and knee that is typically associated with a change in the length of your leg.
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What can you never do after hip replacement?

The Don'ts
  • Don't cross your legs at the knees for at least 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Don't bring your knee up higher than your hip.
  • Don't lean forward while sitting or as you sit down.
  • Don't try to pick up something on the floor while you are sitting.
  • Don't turn your feet excessively inward or outward when you bend down.
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What are the three rules after hip replacement?

Hip Replacement (Posterior) Precautions: Don't bend your hip too far
  • Don't lean forward while you sit down or stand up, and don't bend past 90 degrees (like the angle in a letter "L"). ...
  • Don't lift your knee higher than your hip.
  • Don't sit on low chairs, beds, or toilets.
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What are lifelong restrictions after hip replacement?

Seniors should avoid hip flexion past 90 degrees — bending your hip too far or lifting your knee too high. This movement occurs when you lift your leg or your knee up towards your body. For example, when you put on socks or shoes. Generally, keep the knee below hip level.
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Hip Replacement Surgery - What you need to know before, during and after

How do you wipe your bottom after hip replacement?

Question 2: How should I wipe after hip replacement surgery?
  1. Lean on your non-operated hip for support.
  2. Support yourself even more with your arm/elbow on the same side.
  3. Use your free hand to reach behind you to wipe.
  4. Avoid twisting your upper body too much.
  5. The foot on the side of your hip replacement shouldn't turn inward.
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Is it OK to sit in a recliner after hip replacement surgery?

Recliners and sofas are not recommended after your knee or hip replacement because they are not supportive, difficult to get out of and can limit range of motion.
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Will I ever be able to sit on the floor after hip replacement?

Our study found that an estimated 20 percent of patients were able to sit on the floor after THA. Although, some patients could not sit in all of the 3-sitting positions (squatting, cross-legged sitting, and kneeling).
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How long do you have to use a walker after hip replacement?

Walker is used for ambulation for the first week. You can start using a cane the second week and you should use it for at least one week. You can come off the cane when you can walk without the cane and without a limp. Stairs should be done using the non-operative leg and a cane.
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How long are you on bed rest after a hip replacement?

Most people will fully recover from hip replacement surgery within a few months to a year, but recovery times vary for each patient. Expect about one to four days of bed rest immediately after surgery, but physical rehabilitation usually starts the same day as your procedure.
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Will I ever be the same after hip replacement?

Most patients have outstanding success following hip replacement. Your pain disappears after just one surgery, and movement returns to normal.
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What is the most frequent complication after a hip replacement?

One of the most common serious medical complications related to joint replacement surgery is blood clots. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) refers to a blood clot in the leg and is called a deep vein thrombosis. A sudden increase in leg swelling along with calf tenderness may be the first sign of a blood clot in the leg.
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What is the fastest way to recover from a hip replacement?

7 practical tips for successful hip replacement recovery
  1. Prepare your home in advance. ...
  2. Plan for some time off work. ...
  3. Balance rest and recovery with gentle exercise. ...
  4. Think about your nutrition to help speed up recovery. ...
  5. Be mindful of your hip when in bed. ...
  6. Think about your holidays and travel plans.
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Why can't I drive for 6 weeks after hip replacement?

Normally, driving should be avoided for the first 6 weeks and even travelling as a passenger is best avoided for the first three weeks (except for essential journeys), as getting in and out of a car can risk straining the hip and stretching the healing tissues.
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How bad does total hip replacement hurt?

If you feel like you are consistently at a 6 or more on a 1–10 pain scale, mention it to your doctor, because it could be a sign of infection or another complication. As you continue physical therapy, your pain levels should slowly decrease to about 1 or 2 in 12 weeks after the hip replacement.
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What do you need at home after hip replacement?

Other items that may help:
  • A shower sponge with a long handle.
  • A shoehorn with a long handle.
  • A cane, crutches, or a walker.
  • A reacher to help you pick up things from the floor, put on your pants, and take off your socks.
  • A sock aid to help you put on your socks.
  • Handle bars in the bathroom to allow you to steady yourself.
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Will my limp go away after hip replacement?

You will walk without support when you feel you are safe and can walk comfortably without dropping your hip or limping. Some patients can do this within 2 weeks after surgery while others take 6-8 weeks or longer. Continue to use support as needed to minimize limping.
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Can I sit on my couch after hip replacement?

Take a seat, but not too low.

The elevation is key during your hip surgery recuperation, as you shouldn't bend your new joint too much until the soft tissues have had adequate time to heal. Couches and low recliners aren't very friendly to healing hips, because standing up after sitting on them can be difficult to do.
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Can I lay on a sofa after hip replacement?

Try to sit in a straight back chair (avoid low sofas, recliners, or zero-gravity chairs) for the first 6 weeks. Do NOT sleep in a recliner. Your hip will get stiff in a flexed position and be harder to straighten out. Do not extend your hip or leg backwards for 6 weeks.
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What is the best chair to sit in after a hip replacement?

Sit up straight in a firm chair. Sit in chairs higher than knee height. Sit in a firm, straight-back chair with arm rests. Do not sit on soft chairs, rocking chairs, sofas, or stools.
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Can I sleep in an adjustable bed after hip replacement?

People who recently had surgeries (ex. hip replacement, knee replacement, etc.) will sleep better on adjustable beds. When you wake up after surgery, your body needs to be supported and aligned in order for the healing process.
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