What happens when your feminine pH balance is off?

If vaginal pH is off-balance, it can lead to bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections, and/or UTIs. Research has indicated that vaginal health and bladder health are interconnected, meaning if vaginal health is compromised it can negatively impact urinary tract health.
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What causes a woman's pH to be off?

In a woman's daily life, there are many factors that can cause normal vaginal pH value to become unbalanced, such as unprotected sex, taking antibiotics, vaginal douching, and variations in the menstrual cycle.
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Is bacterial vaginosis an STD?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a common cause of unusual vaginal discharge. BV is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI), but it can increase your risk of getting an STI such as chlamydia.
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Does cranberry juice help pH balance?

Cranberry juice, citrus fruits, soy products, and leafy greens are all excellent choices for maintaining a healthy pH balance and fighting off infections.
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Does it smell if your pH balance is off?

Signs that something is off include itching, discharge and fishy smell. One thing to note is that these signs don't always point to a pH imbalance, so make sure to see your GP if you're experiencing them consistently or for an extended period.
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Vaginal pH Balance: What Throws It Off

Does it hurt when your pH balance is off?

burning or pain during urination or sex

Burning or painful urination or during intercourse could be the result of a few different things, many of which are caused by a pH balance off-kilter, such as a UTI, yeast infection, vaginitis, or bacterial vaginosis.
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How do you get bacterial vaginosis?

Douching, not using condoms, and having new or multiple sex partners can upset the normal balance of vaginal bacteria, increasing your risk for getting BV.
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What drinks are good for pH balance?

Popular alkaline drinks include water, dairy, some juices, some teas, and almond milk.
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How do you keep your pH balance naturally?

Use the following tips to decrease acidity in your body, reduce risk of diseases and optimize health.
  1. Reduce or Eliminate harmful acidic foods from your diet. Sugar. ...
  2. Choose healthier acidic foods. ...
  3. Increase alkaline foods to 70% of your diet. ...
  4. Incorporate alkalizing lifestyle choices.
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What does BV discharge look like?

Thin, vaginal discharge that may be gray, white or green. Foul-smelling, "fishy" vaginal odor. Vaginal itching. Burning during urination.
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How do I balance down there smell?

1. Adopt good hygiene measures
  1. urinating immediately after sex.
  2. using a gentle, fragrance-free soap on the vulva only.
  3. changing underwear daily, or when the underwear is sweaty or soiled.
  4. washing underwear in unscented products.
  5. taking a shower after sweating, as trapped sweat can increase vaginal odor.
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Why does my Vigina smell even after a shower?

Vaginal odor can be caused by diet, sweating, menstruation, or pregnancy. It can sometimes also be caused by infections like bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis.
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What can I drink to stop discharge?

4 Home Remedies for Discharge (for Yeast Infections, BV & More)
  • Guava tea. Guava leaves, known scientifically as Psidium guajava L, are a great home remedy to stop yellow-greenish vaginal discharge with a bad odor, or milky white, cottage cheese-like discharge. ...
  • Guava and sweet broom tea. ...
  • Garlic tea. ...
  • Tea tree oil.
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What foods throw off your pH balance?

Foods That Throw Off Your pH
  • Foods High in Sugar. As we mentioned before, foods higher in sugar can throw off your pH level tremendously. ...
  • Alcohol. There is a reason those who are recovering from alcoholism crave sugary foods – it processes the same in the body. ...
  • Processed Foods. ...
  • Any Meat or Dairy with Additive Hormones.
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Does BV mean poor hygiene?

The cause of BV is not fully understood; it is not caused by poor hygiene.
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What does BV sores look like?

BV does not cause bumps, sores, or rashes. Multiple vaginal infections can cause vaginal irritation. BV is characterized by increased and foul-smelling or “fishy” vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is usually thin (and sometimes foamy), gray, greenish, yellow, or white.
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Can BV turn into chlamydia?

For every one additional episode of BV, the risk of acquiring chlamydia and gonorrhea infections increased by 13% and 26%, respectively. A monotonic dose-response relationship was also noted between antecedent BV and subsequent chlamydia and gonorrhea infection.
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How do I check if I have BV?

Take a sample of vaginal discharge.

This sample will be tested for "clue cells." Clue cells are vaginal cells covered in bacteria. These are a sign of BV .
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What probiotics are good for BV?

Which probiotics are best for BV?
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14. ®
  • Lactobacillus paracasei F-19. ®
  • Lactobacillus brevis CD2®, Lactobacillus salivarius FV2®, and Lactobacillus plantarum FV9. ®
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-14® and Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001.
  • Lactobacillus crispatus CTV-05.
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Does apple cider vinegar help pH balance in vag?

To remedy this, apple cider vinegar can be applied to the vaginal area to restore the normal pH balance, creating a better environment for good bacteria.
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Does drinking a lot of water help your pH balance?

A: Not really. Most of the time, your blood maintains a pH of 7; it falls right in the middle of the pH scale. What you eat and drink only alters the pH of your urine.
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What should you avoid eating with BV?

Researchers suggest that high fat intake, particularly saturated fat may increase vaginal pH, thereby increasing the risk of bacterial vaginosis. As you can see in the associated video Bacterial Vaginosis and Diet, most saturated fat in the American diet comes from dairy, desserts, and chicken.
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