What happens on your old SIM when you transfer your number?

A Few Things To Note About SIM Transfers
Once the service drops out on your current phone, that means the SIM replacement is complete, and you can now insert the new SIM into your new phone. Your old SIM card will automatically become deactive and cannot be used again.
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What to do with old SIM after porting?

Once the porting process is complete, your previous network's SIM will stop working, and you can insert the new SIM. Dial 59059 after seeing signal bars on your handset for post-verification and activation on the network of your new service provider.
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Does transferring a SIM card keep the same number?

Keeping your phone number when you change network is known as porting your number, and to do this you need a porting authorisation code - or PAC code. You give this code to your new provider and they handle the transfer of your number as well as the cancellation of the service from your current provider.
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Does my SIM card transfer info from my old phone to new?

Switch off your old mobile, take out the SIM and put it into new mobile and ON it. Once it gets synchronized all the contacts saved in old phone (SIM) will be now in your new mobile.
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What will happen to old SIM card?

Usually, when your new SIM is activated, your old SIM will become immediately deactivated. This means it can no longer be used to provide service to your phone. At this point, the old SIM can is functionally useless, though it may still have data stored on it that you'll want to backup before discarding it.
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Can you transfer your old number to a new SIM card?

What information is on an old SIM card?

SIM cards store data for the phone user, containing personal information like phone number, contact information, text messages. SIM cards also act as storage devices that hold Service Provider Name, Mobile Subscription Identification Number, International Mobile Subscriber Identity or IMSI, etc.
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Do old SIM cards deactivate?

When is a SIM card considered inactive? A SIM card is deactivated when it has not been used in the last 6 months.
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Will switching SIM cards delete my pictures?

Will switching SIM cards change anything? When you replace your SIM card in your phone, you lose access to any data on the old card. Photos, apps, and other documents that aren't stored on the SIM are not affected by the card switch.
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How long does it take for a number to transfer to a new SIM?

Phone number transfers normally take place on the next working day after you submit your PAC Code (or two working days if you submit the PAC Code late in the afternoon or evening). † You'll need to submit your PAC Code before the daily cut-off time (between 3pm and 5.30pm depending on your network).
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What happens if two SIM cards have the same number?

In general, it is not possible to have two SIM cards with the same number, as each SIM card is assigned a unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI). This IMSI acts as an identifier for your mobile network, and duplicate numbers can lead to conflicts and confusion in the system.
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Does porting a number close the old account?

Porting a number from one carrier to another results in it's cancellation at the carrier you were initially with. Your number can only be active with one carrier at a time. If you were on a post-paid style account the carrier will send you a final bill, if you were on prepaid your service should simply end.
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How long does it take for SIM to activate after porting?

Your SIM will be activated within 48 hrs (subject to successful address verification)
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What are the rules for SIM porting?

You are allowed to move to another mobile service provider only after 90 days of the date of activation of your mobile connection or from the date of last porting of your mobile number, which ever is applicable. You are allowed to change mobile service provider within the same service area only.
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How do I get a new SIM with the same number?

If your sim has been lost or stolen, you'll need to contact us by phone to block your sim and order a replacement. Your replacement sim will come activated and set up with your existing number, so all you need to do is insert it into your device.
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Why didn't my phone number transfer?

The most common reason a carrier rejects your number port comes down to a basic data mismatch. They have one name and address, and you supplied them with something just a little bit different. When you submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA), the data it contains need to match that on the Customer Service Record (CSR).
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How will I know my number has ported?

Your current SIM will stop working and will give Error message. Generally this will happen during midnight and it takes up to 7 days from the day of submission of CAF and giving KYC to new Service Provider. If you see SIM Error in the morning, insert the new SIM and you have just Ported In to new Service Provider.
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Will I lose my text messages if I change SIM card?

Phones generally do not store text messages on the SIM card. So no, you won't see past text messages. However if the line is still active, moving the SIM card will essentially move the line to your phone, and therefore messages that are received moving forward would come to your phone.
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What happens to texts when SIM card is out?

When you have taken your SIM card out of your phone, it should be no different than when you switch your phone off and someone calls you, you only get the notification if they leave a voicemail. Any texts messages should automatically come through when you have turned your phone back on.
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Do photos stay on iPhone SIM?

The only information stored on your iPhone SIM card is your phone number and billing information related to your cellular service. This means that your contacts, text messages, photos, and other personal data are not actually stored on the iPhone SIM card.
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How long does it take for old SIM to deactivate?

According to TRAI consumer handbook, a sim card is deemed to be deactivated in case of non-usage for over 90 days (about 3 months). The non-usage here means zero incoming or outgoing calls/messages, no data sessions, no use of value-added services, and any related payment.
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Should I put my old SIM card?

When you get your new device it will come with a brand new SIM Card. Your old SIM Card should fit too, but it is recommended that you use the new one.
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Can anyone use my old SIM card?

Yes, you can switch SIM cards between phones as long as they are compatible with the same carrier network. Your SIM card should also be compatible with the new phone in terms of size (micro, nano, and standard size).
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What gets stored on a SIM card?

It does not matter if you are using an Android or Apple (AAPL) - Get Free Report phone. The SIM card has enough memory to typically store up to 250 contacts, some of your text messages and other information that the carrier who supplied the card can utilize.
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Does a SIM card have your search history?

Is browser history stored on SIM cards? Nope, SIM cards don't hold your browser history on them. Only your internet browsers, like Safari or Firefox, hold that kind of info.
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