What are the risks of FemiLift?

Most women will not experience any side effects after a FemiLift treatment. The most common side effects include minor cramps and a watery discharge spotted with blood. Any discharge should stop within about three days.
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Is FemiLift safe?

Femilift Side Effects

Femilift is safe, minimally invasive, and there is no downtime. There are no surgical risks like anesthetic use, nor are there incisions. You go home with no recovery period.
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How long does FemiLift results last?

After a full round of FemiLift, most women can enjoy their results for about 18 – 24 months before a maintenance session may be needed.
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What to expect after a FemiLift?

What can women expect after the FemiLift treatment? The enhanced vaginal tone promotes lubrication and blood circulation which improves sexual stimulation. Women that were suffering from urinary incontinence often see an improvement in their symptoms that can be significant enough to forgo corrective surgery.
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Is A FemiLift Painful?

Because it is completely nonsurgical and virtually painless, no anesthesia is required with FemiLift, and there are few, if any, unwanted side effects. Some patients may experience mild tenderness or spotting, but these typically resolve quickly.
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FemiLift Explained by Dr. Amir Marashi | Vaginal Rejuvenation

How much does the FemiLift cost?

The cost of FemiLift treatment depends on the practitioner treating and the number of treatment sessions required and can start from approximately £1,500 per treatment session, with a course of 2 or 3 treatments being over £3,000.
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Who is not a candidate for FemiLift?

Avoid FemiLift if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Doctors will advise you to carry your pregnancy to term and allow your body several weeks to heal from childbirth before considering vaginal tightening.
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Is the FemiLift covered by insurance?

Health insurance typically covers medical treatment or surgery. But Femilift is a cosmetic or elective procedure for vaginal regeneration. It is similar to cosmetic procedures like breast enlargement or liposuction. Such procedures are usually not covered by health insurance.
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How many FemiLift treatments do you need?

Based on our clinical experience, about 90% of patients will show a good response after 2-3 treatments for urinary incontinence. For treatment for vaginal dryness and laxity, many clients require just one treatment. Treatments should be repeated every 2 years to maintain optimal results.
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What is the difference between O shot and FemiLift?

O-Shot Femilift Q & A

The O-Shot requires numbing with an anesthetic prior to the treatment. After numbing the area, discomfort is rare and minimal. For Femilift, you will feel only a slight warming sensation. There is little to no discomfort involved.
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What is the difference between FemiLift and ThermiVA?

The major differences between the two treatments are the following: The FemiLift utilizes a fractional CO2 laser. The FemiLift treats internally in 360°, applying laser technology to your internal tissues. ThermiVA treatments utilize radio frequency waves on both your internal and external vaginal tissues.
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Is FemiLift permanent?

Is FemiLift permanent? FemiLift nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation results can last for many years to come. In some cases, patients experience a relatively permanent resolution in their symptoms. However, other women may require a repeat treatment course after several years.
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Can I exercise after FemiLift?

Most exercises can be started immediately after treatment, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for 3 days after the treatment.
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Does FemiLift help with prolapse?

FemiLift vaginal tightening laser treatments not only assist in rejuvenating the vaginal tissues to a more youthful state, but the procedure also assists in preventing pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence.
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Does FemiLift help with incontinence?

The FemiLift procedure improves your urethral sphincters, which are the muscles that control the flow of urine from your bladder. The result is reduced urine leakage – and a virtually worry-free life.
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What's the Mona Lisa touch?

MonaLisa Touch uses laser energy to the vaginal wall to generate new collagen, elastin and vascularization. It essentially kills scar cells and creates new growth within the tissue. Benefits of this procedure include: Alternative to estrogen therapies.
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Can you take a bath after FemiLift?

Frequently Asked Questions – FemiLift

You can return to normal activities immediately (except intercourse). Can I shower or bathe after the treatment? You can shower any time after your treatment, but please wait 3 days to submerse yourself in a bathtub.
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Is FemTouch safe?

FemTouch™ is unique due to its use of FDA-cleared laser technology by Lumenis. When performed by an experienced, board-certified gynecologist, FemTouch™ is both very safe and highly effective for treating vaginal atrophy after menopause.
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Can you have surgery to tighten your pelvic floor?

Exercises may help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but in some cases, surgery is the best treatment. Surgery may be a good option if other methods, such as physical therapy or an exercise program, did not provide sufficient relief.
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What is a femme lift?

Femilift™ is a nonsurgical laser procedure that treats the skin of the vaginal canal, using the same technology of fractional laser skin peeling used for your face, but with a device specifically designed for feminine intimacy needs.
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How much is the Mona Lisa touch?

How much does MonaLisa Touch treatment cost? Your insurance doesn't cover MonaLisa Touch treatment. The exact cost of treatment depends on your location and provider, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per session. Some people may need up to five sessions initially.
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Can you wear tight pants after laser?

Don't wear tight clothing on your treatment site for 24 to 48 hours after your laser hair removal treatment. You don't want to trap the heat from the laser in your skin. You want to allow the treatment site to cool off as quickly as possible. 7.
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What is the best laser for tightening?

Expert Dermatologists Name 8 Best Lasers and Devices for Skin Tightening
  • Laser and energy-based therapy is the gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening. ...
  • LaseMD Ultra. ...
  • Active FX and Deep FX. ...
  • Fraxel Repair. ...
  • Erbium YAG. ...
  • RF Microneedling. ...
  • Ellacor. ...
  • Sofwave.
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What is the G shot?

The G-shot is also known as G-Spot Amplification (GSA), and it's an injection that increases the size and thickness of your G-spot. The injection consists of a formula that includes hyaluronic acid, and is similar to the injections used to plump lips and smooth wrinkles in other cosmetic applications.
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What is a female intimacy shot?

The Female Intimacy Shot is an injection treatment that uses a specially formulated solution to improve the health and function of the vaginal tissue. The treatment helps with dryness, incontinence, and discomfort during intercourse, allowing you to experience increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
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