What are the most unethical diamonds?

Blood Diamonds
The term specifically describes diamonds that have been mined in a war zone, usually by underpaid or enslaved workers, and are sold to fund rebel groups and warlords.
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How do you know if a diamond is ethically sourced?

To ensure you buy a conflict-free and ethical diamond, ask the jeweller questions about the diamond's origin and journey, check for its Kimberly Process certification, and request GIA certificates with Diamond Origin Report.
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Are diamonds still unethically sourced?

“Diamond mining has previously been done without regard to the social, environmental, and long-term ecological impact on local communities.” Today, many natural diamond retailers sell ethical diamonds, meaning the diamonds came from mines with safe working conditions and fair pay, as well as eco-friendly practices.
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What are illegal diamonds called?

blood diamond, also called conflict diamond, as defined by the United Nations (UN), any diamond that is mined in areas controlled by forces opposed to the legitimate, internationally recognized government of a country and that is sold to fund military action against that government.
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Are ethical diamonds really ethical?

Ethical diamonds are mined under good working conditions, but this isn't always the case for this gem. Making sure you buy from reputable sources, is the best way to ensure you have ethical diamonds.
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The Shady Business of Diamonds

Are Jared diamonds ethical?

As part of Signet Jewelers, Jared is committed to a conflict-free supply chain. All precious metals and precious stones that Jared sells are conflict-free.
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Are Tiffany diamonds ethical?

Tiffany & Co. only offers conflict-free diamonds. We have taken rigorous steps to assure that conflict diamonds do not enter our inventory. As global leaders in sustainable luxury, Tiffany & Co. is committed to sourcing natural and precious materials in an ethical and sustainable manner.
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What is the most cursed diamond?

The Hope Diamond

Arguably the most famous and most cursed precious gemstone in history, this 45.52-carat sparkler has a long and storied past. The Hope Diamond has been blamed for a laundry list of tragedies, including but not limited to: beatings, stabbings, murder, insanity, and suicide.
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Why are blood diamonds illegal?

Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are defined as diamonds mined in war zones sold to finance armed conflicts against legitimate governments. These diamonds are often mined using forced labor and are traded illegally to fund violent conflicts and human rights abuses.
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What is a poor mans diamond?

poor man's diamond (countable and uncountable, plural poor man's diamonds) Synonym of zircon.
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What is an ethical alternative to diamonds?

Moissanite (or silicon carbide to give it it's scientific name) is entirely lab made and has been for around a century, making it a good ethical substitute for mined diamond.
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Why are millenials not buying diamonds?

Natural Diamonds Aren't High on the Priority List. Millennials would rather spend their money on experiences rather than material things. They would rather take a vacation in another part of the world than to buy expensive jewelry, for example.
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Why are lab made diamonds more ethical?

They're marketed as “socially responsible”: Laboratory settings mean the diamonds are produced in a controlled environment with occupational health and safety regulations, while factories that use renewable energy produce diamonds with a smaller environmental footprint than natural stones.
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Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is lab grown or natural?

Professional jewelers and gemologists cannot tell the difference between a lab created diamond and a natural one just by looking at it with the naked eye. They will have to use a microscope to look for the tiny differences in its inclusions that indicate how it was formed.
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Are lab diamonds more ethical?

A Lab Grown Diamond circumvents the environmental and ethical issues that come with mining Natural Diamonds, but there are sustainability issues with Lab Grown Diamonds as well. An HPHT processed diamond needs huge amounts of energy due to the high heat required to produce a diamond.
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Are Blue Nile diamonds really conflict free?

At Blue Nile, we only purchase diamonds through the largest and most respected suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. All Blue Nile diamonds are warranted to be conflict free.
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Do jewelers sell blood diamonds?

In truth, the majority of diamonds available for sale today are conflict-free diamonds. The United States, along with many other countries, prohibits the sale and trade of conflict diamonds. Some jewelers, however, go the extra mile to ensure diamonds are mined and transported ethically.
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How do I make sure I don't buy a blood diamond?

Buy diamonds that were mined and set before the start of the illegal diamond trade. Almost all diamonds that were mined in the 1980s or earlier are conflict free diamonds. Vintage diamonds and antique diamonds are a safe, ethical choice that also allow you to own a piece of history.
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Are all diamonds unethical?

Diamonds should represent memories and promises, but unfortunately many diamonds were mined in unsafe conditions or conflict zones. It can be very difficult to make sure your diamond is in fact ethical and conflict-free.
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What is rarest than diamond?

Here is a list of 10 gemstones that are rarer than diamonds.
  • Kashmir sapphire. This beautiful blue sapphire has a cloudy appearance due to inclusions. ...
  • Taaffeite. Taaffeite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world and is hardly ever seen. ...
  • Paraiba tourmaline. ...
  • Grandidierite. ...
  • Jadeite. ...
  • Burmese ruby. ...
  • Alexandrite. ...
  • Serendibite.
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What is the most infamous diamond?

Trumpeted by the British press and besieged by the British public, the Koh-i-Noor quickly became not only the most famous diamond in the world, but also the single most famous object of loot from India.
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What is the famous missing diamond?

The Hope Diamond

The 45.52-carat saturated blue diamond (about the size of a walnut) changed hands on numerous occasions, was stolen several times, and disappeared for decades before it was eventually found, recut, and reshaped. Throughout its history, it famously wreaked havoc on many of its unfortunate owners.
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Are vintage diamonds more ethical?

Ethical Advantage of Vintage Rings

Vintage diamonds that are older than 50 years of age (pre-1970s) are always conflict free. As we've said, if you are looking at antique rings (or modern rings with an antique diamond), the age should indicate that the diamond is conflict-free.
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Are Cartier diamonds conflict free?

Every seller of cut diamonds issues a Statement of Warranty that is passed on each time the diamond changes hands. This statement attests that the diamond is conflict-free and appears on all invoices submitted throughout the diamond's journey.
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Is Tiffany not GIA certified?

All Tiffany Diamonds have 57 facets, and have the same proportions as any other Round Brilliant with a cut grade of “Excellent”. Tiffany & Co. does not sell diamonds with GIA, EGL, IGI, or any other certification.
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