Double-Exposure Animal Portraits: Amazing Photo Superposition of Nature and Animals

Double-Exposure Animal Portraits: Amazing Photo Superposition of Nature and Animals The creative duo called WhatWeDo Copenhagen has revealed a fantasy world called “Faunascapes”. Their project is a set of images of wild animals, which are located within a landscape scene. In their illustrations WhatWeDo uses as prints for posters, clothing and accessories. Earlier, we wrote about … Read more

28 Of the Absolutely Wonderful Wildlife Photographs You’ll See Today

Gabriela Plesea is a perfect and talented photographer from Bucharest, Romania. He studied at University of South Africa and now his main passion is photography. He is much interested in taking pictures of wildlife and nature. Currently Gabriela Plesea is living and working Hluhluwe, KwaZ, South Africa. I propose you to look at absolutely wonderful … Read more

30 Electrifying Extreme Weather Photos

Man cannot prevent natural disasters and catastrophes, but he is able to speed up this process irreversible. Global warming, pollution of the atmosphere, oceans and soil leads to climate change on Earth. Every year the number of natural disasters and extreme weather incidents are increasing. Many of you still did not see the extreme weather, … Read more

A Showcase of Sensational Birds Photography

A Showcase of Sensational Birds Photography Birds photography is one of the most challenging types of nature photography. Of course its not an easy job to capture perfect shot in one try cause subject moves quickly one place to another. Most of the time birds sit in less than favorable lighting conditions and it very … Read more