This Crochet Pro Transforms Children’s Drawings into Stuffed Animals


This Crochet Pro Transforms Children’s Drawings into Stuffed Animals

Children tend to draw whatever comes to mind in front of their parents’ amazed eyes. But now, sometimes time passes and life means that the masterpieces of these little toddlers can get lost in nature. So to be sure to immortalize these various sometimes abstract creations, the creative violetaowl (Violeta Vasilevičiūtė-Pocienė) has fun reproducing children’s drawings in crocheted stuffed animals.

More specifically, the Lithuanian artist makes amigurumi plush which are small handmade crochet toys for children. The young woman started knitting and crocheting at only 9 years old under the wise advice of her mother. Over time, she designed the clothes for her toys and dolls herself, which motivated her to pursue studies combining creation and originality.

But it was when she became a mother herself that she had the idea of recreating her children’s wacky and colorful drawings as little crocheted dolls. So for twenty years, she has decided to devote herself fully to creating stuffed animals that she sells via her online store Etsy. This passion continues to animate him, notably through the uniqueness of each toy which fully reflects the joy and carelessness of its author.

We let you admire below the crochet dolls made by VioletaOwl from children’s drawings. To see more, you can go to his Instagram account. And if you like crochet creations, Lucia Dolgopolova’s tiny micro-crochet results should please you.

This Crochet Pro Transforms Children's Drawings into Stuffed Animals

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