How to Remove Watermark without Photoshop?

Watermark is a way to protect your copyright. Professionals often use watermarks to protect their image copyrights. However, these watermarks can pose a potential problem for your photos and may not effectively prevent unauthorized use. Moreover, they can negatively impact the visual appeal of the image from various perspectives.

How to Remove Watermark without Photoshop

Removing watermarks from images is a useful improvement task that enhances the overall composition and provides a beautiful, diversion-free viewing experience. Many people use Photoshop to achieve watermark-free pictures. Still, Photoshop is a costly application, making it unaffordable for everyone. But if you want to professional watermark remove service contact with any professional Graphic designer.

How can I Remove watermarks without using Photoshop?

Thanks to AI-powered watermark remover apps, removing watermarks from images has become much easier. These powerful apps can automatically detect and instantly remove watermarks, eliminating the need for advanced photo-editing skills or knowledge of Photoshop. Simply upload your desired images, and the app will complete the entire watermark removal process in seconds.

If you don’t have access to Photoshop or are unfamiliar with using it, this AI-infused watermark remover can assist you in obtaining attractive images for your personal or professional use.

10 best watermark remove tools in online:

Here is included 10 best photo editing tools which are used also watermark remove Service:

  1. HitPaw Watermark Remover
  2. PhotoDirector
  4. Photo Retouch-Object Removal
  5. TouchRetouch
  6. AirBrush
  7. Fotor
  8. Snapseed
  9. PhotoRoom
  10. Object Removal – Retouch Tune

1. How to remove watermarks from photo in HitPaw watermark remover?

HitPaw Watermark Remover AI can remove watermarks from images online for free, and you don’t need any photo editing skills. It quickly erases watermarks from photos as you want. In paint online makes it easy to delete watermark images within seconds.

Step by step tutorial watermark removal in HitPaw watermark remover:

HitPaw watermark removal tools are one of easiest background removal tools. HitPaw is user-friendly photo editing tools which have some advanced features, simple interface and available paid version.

  1. Upload image: upload your image that you want to remove your watermark.
  2. Select the watermark area: Chose the selecting brush for select watermark area
  3. Remove watermark: Click remove button to remove watermark
  4. Save image: After the watermark is removed you can save the image.

2. Remove watermark in Photo Director:

PhotoDirector is a tool for editing and managing photos. It has many features to make your pictures better. Download PhotoDirector, the top free watermark remover.

Step by step tutorial watermark removal in Photo Director:

  1. Import your image.
  2. Tap “Tools” and choose “Removal” to eliminate watermarks.
  3. Manually adjust the removal area.
  4. Save your new photo and easily share it with others.

3. is an online tool to remove watermarks from images. It makes images more versatile by providing a simple and efficient solution. Remember to follow copyright laws and respect intellectual property rights when using such tools. If you have permission to edit or use an image without a watermark, tools like can be helpful.

Step by step tutorial watermark removal in

Remove watermarks from many pictures on one platform, no need to switch constantly. Improve productivity by smoothly adding APIs to your organization for an easier workflow.

  1. Upload your Image: You can upload your image with browsing, drag and drop, and paste url
  2. Remove watermark: ai tool automatically removes your watermark and removes water watermark.
  3. Remove Text: You can remove text from the image to ‘’remove text ON’’ and you remove logo ‘’Remove logo ON’’.
  4. Save your your image: you can download your image after removed watermark

4. Photo Retouch-Object Removal:

With the watermark remover feature of this app, you can easily and manually remove watermarks from your photos. Just use the object remover tool and drag your finger over the watermark you want to get rid of. The app will work its magic and smoothly eliminate the watermark, making your photo look clean and free of watermarks.

Step by step tutorial watermark remove in Photo Retouch-Object Removal :
This is an excellent photo and video editor that lets you easily erase things from your photos and videos using your finger. It has all the tools for retouching, removing objects, and fixing blemishes. Here is some step to remove watermark:

  1. Upload your image: Choose a picture from your camera or gallery.
  2. Select your image: Pick the objects you want to remove.
  3. Remove watermark: Click the Process button.
  4. Save image: Save or share your photo.

5. Background removal in TouchRetouch :

TouchRetouch helps clean up pictures and take away watermarks using its object removal feature. The smart tool understands the shape of the watermark, getting rid of things like lines or patterns from your entire photo.

Step by step tutorial watermark removal in TouchRetouch:

Fixing photos used to be hard, needing costly software. TouchRetouch’s special toolkit easily removes things, making photos better quickly. Now here is some easy step for background removal in touchRetouch:

  1. Open TouchRetouch Tools; Open TouchRetouch.
  2. Upload your photo Choose the picture you want to edit.
  3. Select removal tools Use Lasso/Brush to select what to remove.
  4. Watermark Remove: Erase areas you don’t want to change.
  5. Tap Go to remove.
  6. Save your image: Compare and export your edited image.

6. Background removal in AirBrush:

The Erase tool in AirBrush is excellent for removing unwanted watermarks from photos. The best photo editing app is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate. Though the watermark remover isn’t automatic, you can quickly enhance your photos and learn to use the tool effectively in just a minute.

Step by step tutorial watermark remove in AirBrush :
AirBrush is a great photo editor. It has easy tools to make your photos look better, cool filters and background removal for nice results. It gets new features to give users the best editing experience. Here is some Removal steps;

  1. Open App: Open the app.
  2. Open Library: Tap the Library button.
  3. Select image: Choose the photo you want to remove the watermark from.
  4. Select remove Tools: Tap on Tools and select Erase.
  5. Select watermark area: Highlight the watermark in the photo.
  6. Remove Watermark: Click remove
  7. Save your image

7. Background remove using Fotor:

Fotor is a professional online image editor with hundreds of editing tools, serving as a Photoshop alternative. You can use Fotor’s free online watermark remover to easily remove watermarks. There are two simple and quick ways for you to remove objects from photos online for free. Let’s explore how to swiftly remove watermarks from pictures.

Step by step tutorial watermark remove in Fotor:
Awesome AI tools, like removing backgrounds and objects, and enhancing skin, are all in one place. Make your photos powerful by using the AI enlarger and artistic effects.

  1. Upload your photo to Fotor’s watermark remover.
  2. Brush over the watermark.
  3. Download your watermark-free photo in PNG or JPG format.

8. Background removal using Snapseed:

Snapseed is a great app with lots of tools for editing photos. It has tips and tricks to help you remove watermarks and do different things with your pictures. Even though it has more advanced options than some other apps, it might not be as good at using AI for certain tasks. Still, Snapseed is a strong tool for making your photos better and trying out creative edits.

Step by step tutorial watermark removal in Snapseed: Fantastic app! It helped start photography and editing. It has special features not found in Photos, along with tutorials for learning stylish photo editing basics. Here is some step:

  1. Select the Tools Option: Click on the “Tools” menu.
  2. Choose the Healing Icon: Find and pick the icon that looks like a healing tool.
  3. Highlight the Watermark: Use the chosen tool to mark the watermark on the image.
  4. Automatic Removal: Once marked, the watermark will be removed automatically.
  5. Save your image

9. Background removal using Photo Room:

Photo Room’s Magic Retouch and Background Removal tools make watermark removal easy. You can also add a watermark to protect your designs when selling online.

Step by step tutorial watermark removal in Photo room: Make your photos stand out with our background remover app! Easily highlight your subject, create a see-through background, and place it in new designs. Try it now for a fresh look.

  1. Select image: choose image that you want to remove background.
  2. Select brush tool: Pick up the brush tool for background remove
  3. Select object area : Paint over the object using the brush tool.
  4. Select object: Select the object with the brush tool
  5. Remove watermark: Brush toll will automatically remove from the photo.
  6. Save your image

10. Background removes using Inshot:

InShot, a widely-used photo and video editing app, is easily downloadable on Android or iOS. User-friendly, it lets you effortlessly edit photos and videos, including removing watermarks, ideal for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Enhance and share with InShot.

Step by step tutorial watermark remove in InShot :
For content creators, finding free editing software can be tough. InShot is not only free to download but also offers many free features. It’s an amazing app overall.her is some step of this app:

  1. Download editing software or use an online watermark remover.
  2. Add or drag the video file you want to edit.
  3. Zoom in on the watermark area.
  4. Select watermark
  5. Click Remove watermark
  6. Save a photo of your choice.


The content above introduces powerful tools to easily remove watermarks from photos without needing complex Photoshop skills. Each tool offers unique features, making it easy to find the one that suits your needs. Choose the best tool for you and say goodbye to unwanted watermarks, unlocking your photos’ true potential.

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