40 Creative Bus Shelters: When Brands Have Fun With Street Furniture

In our daily lives, we encounter countless visual stimuli, all striving for the same goal: to capture our attention and entice us to consume. Brands have certainly grasped this concept and are continuously pushing the boundaries to deliver increasingly original campaigns, as evidenced by our beloved StuffmakesMeHappy.

40 Creative Bus Shelters When Brands Have Fun With Street Furniture

One avenue they explore with great enthusiasm is the customization of bus shelters. To make the wait more enjoyable, certain brands pour their energy and creativity into completely transforming these seemingly ordinary urban installations into captivating experiences. We invite you to delve into our carefully curated compilation, featuring 40 such remarkable examples.

Whether it’s to raise awareness about a specific issue or promote the latest trending movie or TV series, brands spare no effort, even if it means completely revamping bus shelters. Nespresso, for instance, ingeniously transformed them into giant coffee makers, while IKEA turned them into cozy and inviting spaces to showcase their catalog. Others take a humorous approach, like Sky Broadband’s broadband service or Norwegian Airlines, proudly advertising their flights to Scotland.

Below, you’ll find a collection of 25 creatively repurposed advertising shelters, showcasing original marketing initiatives. And keeping in line with that same spirit, this compilation of the most intense 34 Funny Pictures with Unusual Chances Will Make Your Day is sure to bring you great delight.

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