Female Israeli Soldiers in the Portraits of Mayan Toledano

In a captivating series, Israeli-born photographer Mayan Toledano captures intimate moments from the daily lives of young female Israeli soldiers. Based in New York, Toledano’s work delves into the personal identities that exist beyond the uniforms worn by these women.

Female Israeli Soldiers in the Portraits of Mayan Toledano

In her project, photographer Mayan Toledano, who herself served as a soldier, aims to portray the realities faced by young teenagers entering mandatory service in Israel. Despite political views or opinions, Toledano seeks to humanize soldiers, who are often seen as faceless characters or simply the face of conflict in the media. With a personal connection to Israel and now based in NYC, Toledano endeavors to shed light on the fact that serving in the Israeli military is not a matter of choice.

Photographer Mayan Toledano offers a unique glimpse into the daily lives of female Israeli soldiers. Her captivating images highlight their strength, resilience, and the complexities they face while serving their country.

Unveiling the Invisible Heroes:

Toledano’s work challenges stereotypes and sheds light on the untold stories of female soldiers, showcasing their dedication beyond their military duties.

From the Battlefield to Everyday Life:

Through intimate and candid shots, Toledano captures the soldiers during their routines, both on and off the battlefield, revealing their individuality and aspirations.

A Celebration of Diversity:

Toledano showcases the diverse backgrounds and religions of the female soldiers, emphasizing inclusivity and equal opportunity within the Israeli military.

Challenging Assumptions and Sparking Dialogue:

Her photography challenges traditional gender roles and encourages conversations about gender equality and representation.

Empathy and Understanding:

Toledano’s images foster empathy, enabling viewers to connect on a deeper level and appreciate the sacrifices and triumphs of these women.


Mayan Toledano’s powerful photography project offers an intimate and revealing look into the lives of female Israeli soldiers, challenging stereotypes and showcasing their strength and resilience.

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