Realistic 3D Crochet Portraits by Akbar Erabiyan

Are you looking for unique and visually stunning art pieces? Look no further than the world of 3D crochet portraits! These beautiful creations, made using 3D software, are sure to amaze you with their realistic appearance.

Akbar Erabiyan is an artist who creates larger-than-life crochet creations using 3D software. The realistic appearance of his work is sure to leave you in awe!

Realistic 3D Crochet Portraits by Akbar Erabiyan

Over the years, Erabiyan has indulged in his passion and created numerous artistic projects. With his expertise in 3D software, he has recently created striking 3D portraits of the characters from the popular video game series, The Last of Us.

What makes Erabiyan’s work stand out is that the characters look like they were crocheted, not digitally created. Crochet is an old sewing practice that involves using a large needle with a notch to hold the threads and create all kinds of pieces, including collectibles and clothing.

To achieve this realistic look, the Iranian artist starts by modeling the characters using Maya and ZBrush software. He then creates texture games with Substance 3D Painter before using the Houdini tool to accentuate the details and create the final rendering.

You can check out Erabiyan’s 3D crochet portraits on his Instagram account. If you’re a fan of crochet creations, you might also enjoy the tiny micro-crochet pieces made by Lucia Dolgopolova.

Take a look at Realistic 3D Crochet Portraits of Akbar Erabiyan and enjoy!

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