35 Funny And Witty Illustrations By The Creative Lucas Levitan

If the name Lucas Levitan is not unknown to you, it should come as no surprise. Some time ago, the creative got noticed with an artistic project called “Photo Invasion,” in which he had fun adding unusual characters to Instagram photos, as we presented in this article. Today, he is back with a new series of original and still funny illustrations.

The overflowing imagination of the Brazilian illustrator is no longer to be proven, and he demonstrates it once again brilliantly. This art and drawing enthusiast since childhood never leaves his notebook and his pencil to give free rein to his ideas, whatever he is doing.

This is how his latest creative series was born, in which he illustrates comical situations but also social issues such as plastic pollution, social networks, or even working with animals or fictional characters.

We let you discover below the creative and spicy illustrations of Lucas Levitan. To learn more about the artist, do not hesitate to visit his Instagram account or his website. And in a similar spirit, we invite you to (re)discover 30 gloomy, very minimalist illustrations by illustrator Baptized Cicada.

Funny And Witty Illustrations By The Creative Lucas Levitan

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