The 36 Movie Posters Creatively Redesigned By Illustrator Doaly


The 36 Movie Posters Creatively Redesigned By Illustrator Doaly

Sometimes movie posters are just as iconic as the feature film they illustrate. So if you are keen on the 7th art, the revisits of famous movie posters by the illustrator Doaly should really please you.

The Birmingham, England-based creative has always loved drawing since a young age and he knew full well that this is the path he would be heading for in his future, which is why he incorporated a degree in graphic communication at the University of Wolverhampton. His passion for cinema comes from his father, himself a fan of Hollywood productions, who introduced him to most cult films.

Growing up, he began an artistic series in which he appropriated the most iconic movie posters and shared them on his social networks, which soon attracted the attention of production companies. His creativity and uniqueness have allowed him to collaborate with Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, and 20th Century Fox, to name a few.

For each of his revisits, the British designer seeks at all costs to transmit part of the intrigue of the films, details that make them famous but above all emotion. From the iconic The Shining to Jaws via The Lord of the Rings, Mulan, Doctor Strange but also Deadpool or Bohemian Rapsody, he produces illustrations with meticulous and realistic details paying homage to the most emblematic films of the last century.

We let you admire below the creative revisits of film posters by Doaly, to be found on his Instagram account and his website. And if you enjoy this kind of creative exercise, we invite you to (re)discover Double-Exposure Animal Portraits: Amazing Photo Superposition of Nature and Animals.

Movie Posters Creatively Redesigned By Illustrator Doaly

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