Illustrator Raide Classifies Famous People by Color


Illustrator Raide Classifies Famous People by Color

Pop culture is one of the best-known sources of inspiration for budding creatives who always take pleasure in paying tribute to their favorite characters, films or series. This is particularly the case of the young artist Raide, better known by the nickname of RaidesArt on social networks, who has fun classifying animation characters by color. And the result is really cool!

Originally from Germany, the illustrator defines herself as an autodidact who has always drawn since her childhood. However, it was not until the age of 15 that she tried her hand at digital art. While still in high school, she already made her first creations for companies in parallel with her bachelor's degree in integrated design.

Using ArtRage software and her Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, she loves to reinterpret characters from famous films, series or cartoons. While the creative was recently testing a new tablet, she embarked on an unprecedented artistic series where she brings together characters from pop culture by color. We thus distinguish Belle from Beauty and the Beast alongside Homer Simpson, Pikachu and SpongeBob, but also Stitch with Neytiri from Avatar and Sadness from Vice Versa or even Moana surrounded by Spider-Man and Super Maria.


We let you discover below the colorful and original medleys of cult pop culture characters according to RaidesArt, to be found on his Instagram account . And if you appreciate this kind of creative exercise, we strongly recommend the illustrations of the French Linda Bouderbala who also sorts the known characters in color in a different but very complete style!

Illustrator Raide Classifies Famous People by Color

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