Flower Tattoos – Artist Turns Scars and Birthmarks into Works of Art


Flower Tattoos This Young Artist Turns Scars and Birthmarks into Works of Art

Today’s post will share how the artist turns Scars and Birthmarks into Works of Art (Beautiful Flower Tattoos). 

Do you want to cover up a blemish on your skin? Some people have turned to tattoo artists for help, or even make a feature of them. Many people have scars, birthmarks, and other blemishes that they don’t like the look of. They may have considered ways to cover them up, but while such body marks can be a bit of a downer, turning them into beautiful pieces of art is becoming a growing trend.

There are many reasons why someone might get a beautiful flower tattoo. Some people choose to do it because they have a personality trait that they want to show off or because a critical moment in their life happened and they want to remember it. The tattoo artist Tran Thi Bich Ngoc does an amazing job covering any marks, scars, and imperfections on the body with floral motifs. This makes the tattoos look beautiful and unique.

Ngoc like Tattoo is a young woman of Vietnamese origin who has been making a name for herself as an expert in her field. She debuted in 2012 at just 19 years old after graduating from one of Vietnam’s most prestigious art schools.

The young tattoo artist who has multiple strings to her bow later specialized in tattooing scars specifically to help clients regain their confidence and self-esteem. Since 2015, her notoriety has continued to grow thanks to social media where Internet users do not fail to salute his exceptional work.

With a lot of originality and fantasy, she transforms birthmarks, stretch marks, mastectomies, and cesarean sections but also wound and burn scars into subtle and colorful tattoos.

We let you discover below the stunning floral tattoos of Tran Thi Bich Ngoc, to find on his Instagram account. If you’re a tattoo lover, we invite you to (re)discover 20 Creative Tattoos That Come Alive With Your Body Movements and 20 Paired Tattoos That Claim Your Relationship Is More Abrupt Than The Ring On Your Finger. Check out below how the young artist Turns Scars and Birthmarks into amazing Flower Tattoos.

Scars and Birthmarks into Works of Art Flower Tattoos

Scars and Birthmarks into Works of Art Flower Tattoos

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