Father Daughter Funny Pictures to Make You Say Wow


Father Daughter Funny Pictures to Make You Say Wow

Before sharing the father-daughter funny pictures to make you say wow we just want to say one question. Did you ever try to take pictures of different stages with your daughter as a Dad in a humorous way? In order to keep as many memories as possible of our children, we never miss an opportunity to photograph their every move. And when it’s done with creativity and humor, it’s even better! A field in which excels Sholom Ber Solomon, a father who does not miss an opportunity to stage his daughters Zoe and Olivia in a crazy way.

This 36-year-old dad has always appreciated original and eccentric photographs. So when his first daughter Zoe was born, he decided to create one-of-a-kind memories by immortalizing her in funny and totally wacky scenes.

At only 5 and 2 years old, the girls are real budding stars and already have several hundred characters to their credit. Whether as a dwarf in Snow White, as a pizza maker, as a unicorn, or during a police check, all fantasies are allowed and immortalized by Carli, Sholom’s companion and the mother of the 2 little girls.

We let you discover these adorable and fun father-daughter shoots below, to find on their Instagram account which has already won over 310,000 subscribers. And if you appreciate this kind of creative exercise, we invite you to (re)discover the Surreal and stunning photomontages of Hansruedi Ramsauer and make your day amazing.

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Father Daughter Funny Pictures

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