Elegant Furniture Design for Rabbits by Jeni Nguyen


Elegant Furniture Design for Rabbits by Jeni Nguyen

Are you looking for an elegant furniture design for rabbits or Rabbits Furniture? If you have a domestic rabbit, then this piece of furniture, as stylish as it is ingenious, should please you! Indeed, designer Jeni Nguyen, herself the happy owner of two adorable little furballs, has designed a collection of furniture specially designed for rabbits.

Considered the third most popular pet, the rabbit does not have the privilege of having so many accessories and furniture dedicated to it, unlike other pets such as dogs and cats. But it was without counting on the designer based in Portland who imagined elegant wooden furniture, baptized Bink Rabbit Goods, which act as a hutch and playground for rabbits.

With a sleek design and removable elements, the two pieces of furniture, the first of which is a sideboard and the second a bench, will fit perfectly into any interior, while providing comfort and modernity.

Behind the sliding doors hides space for the litter box as well as two compartments, one with an integrated feeder and the second for storing accessories and supplies. The furniture also offers two types of doors that can easily be removed or changed according to your wishes.

To ensure product quality, the furniture features waterproof interiors, and non-slip floors and is made from eco-friendly, local animal-safe materials, including birch plywood and soy-based adhesives. The feet are removable and can easily be adjusted in relation to the level of the ground to offer more freedom to small animals.

The Bink company launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform with a target of 12,100 euros, largely achieved since it exceeded 33,645 euros. The furniture is respectively displayed at the price of 3422 euros for the bench and 5035 euros for the sideboard and will be delivered with a grooming kit and a sweatshirt from October and November 2022, only in certain countries. To learn more, you can visit binkrabbitgoods. com.

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Elegant Furniture Design for Rabbits by Jeni Nguyen

Elegant Furniture Design for Rabbits by Jeni Nguyen

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