Miguel Vasquez Humanizes Famous People in Horrifying Ways


Miguel Vasquez Humanizes Famous People in Horrifying Ways

Cartoon characters usually have the distinction of being lovable and living in an equally attractive and magical world. This observation then gave the idea to the creative Miguel Vasquez to imagine the famous characters in a more realistic, humanize, and above all more terrifying version. Sensitive souls abstain; this could well ruin your childhood memories…

For his unusual artistic series, the artist passionate about digital art is first inspired by a simple 2D image. Subsequently, he transforms the overall appearance of the characters but also the textures and colors using 3D modeling software to create a version with (almost) human features whose rendering quality is absolutely disconcerting.

Whether it’s SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick, Arnold, Woody from Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, the Minions, the Simpson family, or even Scooby Doo, no one escapes it. It is clear that if they had originally resembled these creatures, they would have haunted our nightmares more than our dreams…

We let you discover below the transformations of cartoon characters into a horrific version of Miguel Vasquez, which still attracted more than 272,000 subscribers on Instagram. And if you enjoy this kind of creative exercise, we invite you to (re)discover the portraits behind scenes.

Humanizes Famous People in Horrifying Ways

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