Visual Artist Aryea Flohr – ‘I Use Art to Express Complicated Feelings’

Visual Artist Aryea Flohr – “I Use Art to Express Complicated Feelings”

Last week, we had the opportunity to talk to Aryea Flohr, a New York –based visual artist about his artistic journey. Flohr presents how he describes his creative process, his latest project, and what the future holds for art visualizations.

Aryea Flohr is a visual artist from New York City whose work is a meditation of lines. 

Visual Artist Aryea Flohr  - “I Use Art to Express Complicated Feelings”

Patterns, faces, and abstract forms emerge in Aryea’s stream-of-consciousness pieces, as he combines fine art, technology, and performance art. In our conversation, we hear about the evolution of Aryea’s work, the exploration of identity, and his latest collaborations.

How Would you Describe your Creative Process? 

Flohr: There are many aspects to my creative process that are hard to explain. It all starts with an idea. As the idea grows, it becomes like a mantra. In my head, I repeat this mantra and consider the images that come to my mind and what I would like to create. Afterward, I consider how to best convey and embody these images, and I begin sourcing materials. This is what drives my desire to create art. I have plenty of art I haven’t included in my current solo show because of the compulsion to create.

What Sparked Your Interest In Visual Art And What Led You To Your Career As An Artist?

Flohr: As an artist, I have always enjoyed seeing what response I can elicit from people. During my childhood, I made weird art that was just “out there.” For example, I made a series depicting weird eyeballs and observed how people reacted. In high school, I painted a series of people waiting in long lines, which also raised a lot of questions.

The best way for me to express complicated feelings is through art. Even as an adult, I still have complicated feelings that I can only convey through my artwork. With the use of different mediums, I can convey more complicated ideas and express myself in deeper ways as an adult. Every piece won’t speak to everyone. 

Perhaps the viewer will connect with one thing. They may love it or hate it – it depends on what resonates with them! Any and all reactions are welcome. Through art, I feel that one can connect to oneself, connect to others, and connect with society.

In What Other Ways Have You Grown As An Artist Since Those Early Days?

Flohr: My goal as an artist is to use a variety of materials, to experiment with new or unconventional materials, and to experiment with design. I sometimes use lessons from my foundation years at New York University to explore different mediums. In many cases, those foundation lessons help me add another layer or texture to my work.

How Can Our Readers Learn More About Your Art?

Flohr: Probably the best place to look for updates is on my Saatchi Art or Twitter accounts, where I post regular updates on work in progress and behind-the-scenes shots that I find most interesting. Alternatively, my website is a good place to get an overview of the work I’ve done so far.

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