The Art of Travis Herberger – The Urban Painter

The Art of Travis Herberger – The Urban Painter

Style is a deeply personal thing. We try to live up to our own standards and be the best version of ourselves. In order to do that, we have to learn how to see things from different perspectives. Travis Herberger is an urban painter from Longview, Texas, who has developed his own unique perspective of seeing the world. This perspective is reflected in his artworks.

The Art of Travis Herberger - The Urban Painter

This article highlights a few aspects of Travis Herberger’s artwork that set him apart from other artists. 

Travis Herberger’s Unique Perspective on Life and Art 

In his own words, 

“I like to think of myself as a storyteller, a story-slinger and a word-smith. I try to use painting as a tool to tell stories and bring people together through my art”. 

This is a clear example of how he looks at things from different perspectives. Herberger takes great pride in his painting skills and the way they can bring people together through art.

Fun, Colorful, Artistic Paintings

One of the most striking things about Herberger’s work are the vibrant, lively colors he uses. He creates paintings that are full of energy. This energy can be felt in his paintings, as you move your eyes from one part of the canvas to the next. In this way, Herberger’s art makes you feel invigorated.

Travis Herberger’s Unique Style and Choice of Subject Matter

Another thing that sets Herberger’s work apart from other artists is his unique choice of subject matter. Many painters choose to focus on themes related to the human condition, but Herberger’s art is very much about the everyday. He paints things as they are, not as they should be. 

You will often find him painting things, such as a bus stop or the snowfall on the roof of a building. This is a great way to paint common things as they are, which is often how people see them. This is a refreshing change from the sometimes clinical, overly scientific approach some painters take.

Key Themes in Herberger’s Paintings 

Herberger often starts his paintings by adding bright, primary colors to create a warm, almost orange tone. This warm, vibrant finish is what his paintings usually have. It is not just the colors, though – the way he highlights key themes in his paintings is also very interesting. 

There are many ways he can do this, but one of his favorites is to use a white background on which to paint. The white is to make the image brighter, clearer, and more visible against the otherwise darker, more shadow-filled canvas. This is one of the easiest ways to showcase the importance of composition for Travis Herberger.

The Importance of Composition for Travis Herberger

“I compose my paintings – like everything else I do – in a very visual way. The compositions should flow from the painting’s main idea to its highlights. If a painting doesn’t have a clear, strong direction, the viewer will end up with a messy, cluttered mind,” says painter Herberger. 

According to this painter, you have to see your work from the perspective of the viewer. If you do so, you will be much more productive and focused. His point, 

Herberger explains in his latest exhibition titled The Wandering Artist. – 

“One of the most important things a painter can do is to compose their canvas,” says the painter. “A painting should be seen as a painting, not a piece of architecture. If you were to paint a cityscape, the composition of the canvas would play a big part in how the painting looks”.


Typically, an artist’s style comes through over time. As they gain experience and gain confidence in their work, they start thinking about what they prefer more – creating art or enjoying it?

Art is subjective, so an artist’s style is never consistent across all their works. However, one thing that both artists, such as Travis Herberger, and art fans can agree on is that style is an important part of who we are as humans. It shows what we love, what we appreciate, and what we’re able to bring to the table as humans. And much of the above and more is displayed at Herberger’s website.

When it comes to style, there are many different perspectives, definitions, and interpretations that can be applied to it. What one person may call energetic and creative, another may seem messy and chaotic.

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