An Adorable Campaign About The Positive Impact of Animals On Humans


An Adorable Campaign About The Positive Impact of Animals On Humans

Our pets are full members of the family. They are present in good and bad times, roam everywhere by our side, and can even be real emotional supports. It is an observation that has rightly inspired the pet insurance company ManyPets for its most certainly adorable marketing campaign.

Following a study of 385 dog and cat owners, 89% revealed that their animals helped them manage their stress and anxiety. While 80% believe that their companions give them more energy and 88% declare that they make them more active.

These different figures have thus prompted British society to highlight the impact of animals on the physical and mental health of their owners and above all the importance of protecting them through its insurance. ManyPets then teamed up with the uncommon agency to create a most touching photo shoot with dogs and cats.

The different shots are accompanied by funny words such as “stress ball”, “personal coach” or even “legal drug”. It is a cute and well-thought-out poster campaign that emphasizes the infallible bonds that unite animals to their owners and the positive impact of these relationships.

The campaign is visible throughout the UK during the month of July then it will be accompanied by a series of advertisements with 7 alternative endings broadcast until the end of August. And among the recent initiatives undertaken in favor of animals, we invite you to (re)discover Photographer Brad Wilson’s Beautiful Wildlife Portraits and make your day awesome.

Adorable Campaign About The Positive Impact Of Animals On Humans

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