Robin Bone Canadian Pole Vault Pics: The Girl in The Helmet


Robin Bone Canadian Pole Vault Pics: The Girl in The Helmet

The world recognized her as a champion pole vault and as a girl in a helmet. But few people know why Robin Bone always wears a helmet. Sometimes she even trains in it; we see this in the videos that the athlete posts on her Instagram. It’s strange because a helmet is not part of the mandatory equipment for her sport.

Robin Bone Canadian Pole Vault Pics: The Girl in The Helmet

In this article, you will find the answer to the riddle about the helmet, as well as an explanation of another interesting feature of Robin Bone Olympics. Bone Canada Pole Vault is a pole vault virtuoso, but this discipline is not her favorite discipline. Her heart still belongs to another sport. By the way, these two mysterious stories have common roots.

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We will show you Robin Bone photos and share interesting facts from Robin Williams Bono’s look-alike life. Get ready to marvel at the intricacies of fate and the determination of a simple girl from London. Robin Bone’s age is 26 years.

In her early youth, Boner Robin had already decided on her favorite sport, and that was gymnastics. The girl was in love with this discipline, indifference has been preserved even now. The accident deprived her of her favorite sport but did not dare to take away Robin Bone’s Olympic dream, as Robin was able to realize herself in another discipline.

Shattered and New Dreams

Shattered and new dreams

By the age of 15, Robin Bone Pole Vault had already invested a lot in her favorite sport, gymnastics. But the discipline had to be abandoned after another concussion; there were contraindications for health reasons. But the sporting spirit has not gone away, and now she is a three-time national pole vault champion.

She took up a new sport almost by accident. She tried herself in athletics, and the coach suggested that she start pole vaulting. It sounded like a challenge; the former gymnast could not help but accept it. Difficulties began from the very beginning, and the very first of them was the need to persuade parents to play sports related to jumping and height.

Why Bone helmet?

Why Bone helmet?

It was immediately clear that it would not be easy to agree with the parents. But a compromise was nevertheless found. Of course, they were worried about their daughter’s health, but at the same time they knew how important sports were for her, and they could not refuse Robin this opportunity.

The helmet just became this compromise. The parents made this decision together with the doctor: Bone can train and perform, but only in a helmet. This does not provide complete protection against concussion, but apparently, the parents were calmer this way.

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An accessory that was not standard for such a sport attracted attention and even caused ridicule. But this did not stop Bone, on the contrary, it only inspired her to win. She wanted to show everyone what a girl in a helmet was capable of, and she showed them over and over again.

For the first time, the girl Bone was supposed to perform at the Olympics in 2020, but for obvious reasons, these games did not take place. Someday the situation in the world will normalize, and Bone will realize her main dream – to become an Olympic champion. 

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Robin Bone Canadian Pole Vault Pics: The Girl in The Helmet

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