Photographer Brad Wilson’s Beautiful Wildlife Portraits


Photographer Brad Wilson’s Beautiful Wildlife Portraits

Through the lens of his camera, photographer Brad Wilson manages to immortalize wild animals as you have probably never seen them.

After studying visual arts and art history at the University of North Carolina, the American creative worked with numerous photography studios before settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Passionate about the animal cause and nature, he embarked on a photo project in 2010 entitled “Affinity” for which he produced breathtaking portraits of wild animals.

In this artistic series, he collaborates with American zoos, reserves, and refuges. At each session, he reproduces the same studio conditions to photograph the different animals on a plain black background to highlight their beauty and uniqueness.

Many wild species such as chimpanzees, lions, alligators, and even zebras were thus able to be immortalized by the talented photographer. For the most curious, he has compiled his best shots in a book entitled “The Other World: Animal Portraits” available on Amazon.

We let you admire below the portraits of wild animals made by Brad Wilson, also to be found on his Instagram account and on his website. And if you like creative projects, remember this article by StuffMakesMeHappy which presents the creations of Internet users who have fun creating hybrid animals on Photoshop.

Photographer Brad Wilson's Beautiful Wildlife Portraits

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