This Jewelry Designer Turns Prosthesis into Works of Art


This Jewelry Designer Turns Prosthesis into Works of Art

Over the years, technological progress has made it possible to create very sophisticated limb prostheses, becoming major support in the daily life of disabled people who can benefit from them. However, the aesthetics and appearance of these prostheses are rarely taken into account. It is with this in mind that the Chinese jewelry brand YVMIN has teamed up with model Xiao Yang to create a collection of decorative accessories for prostheses.

The young model based in Chengdu, China lost her leg in a car accident when she was only 4 years old. For the past twenty years, she has been wearing a prosthesis that has long complexed her, preventing her from wearing the clothes she wanted. Today considered a fashion icon, she had the ambition to make prosthetics more modern following her meeting with the founders of YVMIN, Xiaoyu Zhang and Min Li.

Together, they created the YVMIN Art Project during which they designed 3 decorative shells adorned with stones that attach to the prosthesis to have an inimitable style. One of the mantras of this initiative was to prove that although wearing a prosthesis is irreversible, it is quite possible to wear one that really looks like you.

For this, the creators made 3D scans of the influencer’s leg prostheses so that the structure created could adapt easily. They opted for nylon and resin shells in order to have a lightweight accessory, on which magnets were added that could be easily and securely attached to the prosthesis.

Unveiled last September, the collection (not marketed) quickly made people talk about it, counting thousands of positive reactions on social networks. Following this initiative, the founders of YVMIN hope to have encouraged other brands to offer objects and collections for people with prostheses.

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