A Buying Guide For Wide Fit Shoes

A Buying Guide For Wide Fit Shoes

When shopping for a pair of shoes, sometimes it is not that easy to get one that fits you well. Getting the right wide fit shoes for your foot is the only way to make your feet happy and comfortable.


The right shoes help you prevent foot problems like joint and leg pain and other foot injuries affecting your mobility. When you are out to shop for some quality shoes, the size and fit are some factors you want to consider the most.

In this guide, we are looking deep into how you should shop for quality wide, size shoes. We look at things like wide fit shoes, how to measure them, and how to find some comfortable wide fit shoes in the market.

What is a Wide Fit Shoe?

Wide fit shoes are a type of footwear designed with a larger amount of room for your foot than ordinary shoes. In most cases, this type of shoe will come with a wider and deeper section that accommodates the toes and more room for the instep.


This type of shoe gives your feet the space and size it needs to feel comfortable and supported. It can accommodate feet of all sizes and shapes. With this type of shoes, your feet can spread out easily and naturally with every single step you take.

It makes it easier to avoid the discomfort of squeezing and pinching sensation that you usually experience when putting on standard-fitting shoes. A wide fit shoe provides a pleasant experience when you walk, and this gives you all the comfort and confidence you need when you step out with your friends for that party or evening walk.

Choosing Ideal Size for a Wide Fit Shoe

A wide fit shoe has a unique sizing compared to the standard shoe type. You want to be careful when you are shopping for women’s wide fit shoes and boots, just to ensure you are picking the ideal size for you. You should know the most suitable width when shopping for a wide fit shoe.


There are two most common ways of determining the right size for a wide fit shoe; the letter system and the size-based system.

  • – “A” Width – This is a narrow width shown. It is labeled with a single ‘A’ for narrow and an extra ‘A’ for wider shoe size, for example, ‘AA’ or ‘2A’.
  • – “B” Width – This shoe size type is considered the normal standard width for women. However, for men this is still within the narrow width size.
  • – “D” Width – The ‘D’ size shoe is considered the standard width for men, but when it comes to women, it is considered a wide shoe.

The standard width for women is labeled “B” and “D” for men. You want to look keenly when shopping for a wide shoe that fits you.


It is impossible to put the most accurate figure on the size of a wide fit shoe. In the UK, the average size 6 female is about 9cm. This is in line with a standard shoe width fit. A wide fit shoe will usually measure about 10 cm in width, and an extra-wide fit shoe will measure around 11 cm across.

How to Get the Right Wide Fit Shoe Size

1- Measure your Foot Size

When shopping for a wide fit shoe and you don’t know exactly which size fits you, you can measure your foot with a tape measure or ruler. You can measure across the widest part of your foot just below the toes. When shopping, you should pick a shoe that is some measurement above your foot size.


2 – Keep Trying

Sometimes, getting the right size that fits you is not that easy if you have a wide foot. There is no standard labeling in the wide fit shoe industry. To find the right shoe size, you will have to keep trying different shoes until you find one that suits you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for wide fit sandals, slippers, closed shoes, or boots, you must take your time choosing the right one. Measure your foot size and walk into a footwear store with this measurement intact. It only gets easier picking the right wide fit shoe when you know your size.

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