38 Gorgeous Asian Model Pictures in Heels


Beautiful and Gorgeous Asian Models Pictures in Heels (38 Photos)

Asian models are the top models of Asian countries as well European countries. Today we will share pictures of beautiful Asian models in heels. The Asian model Photographs included Japanese Models, Korean Models, Chinese Models, etc. Before sharing these gorgeous images of Hot Asian Models in Heels we will share some information about heels with our readers.

Beautiful Asian Models in Heels Photographs

Shoes with high heels or platforms have been found among different peoples since the time of Ancient Greece. In the 16th century, wealthy Venetians introduced the fashion for chopines shoes, the height of which reached 50 centimeters. Some historians argue that this is how women declared their status: it was impossible to move around on chopines without the help of servants. Other experts believe that chopines had a utilitarian function - they kept their feet dry in flooded areas of the city.

In France, heels became popular after Catherine de Medici wore them to her wedding to Henry II in 1533. Not only women used them: Louis XIV considered that the novelty was a great way to add height to himself. By the Victorian era, the heel "went to the people": it helped women of all classes to keep their hems clean. But these days, a hairpin is not needed to protect long dresses from dirt, and still shoes with heels remain an invariable attribute of a woman's wardrobe.

In the medical community, it is increasingly being said that high heels are harmful to health, including irreversible biomechanical effects. So what is the appeal of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous shoes? Research scientists show that the reason is one: women in high heels are perceived by men as more sexy and attractive.

Research Scientists

The authors of the study “How Wearing High Heels Affects Judgments of Female Attractiveness” conducted a biomechanical analysis and found that a hairpin shortens the step and increases the rotation and tilt of the female hips. Scientists believe that it is this hypertrophy of femininity that makes girls in high heels more desirable to the opposite sex, giving men a "supernormal stimulus."

Beautiful Asian Models in Heels Photographs

But psychologist David Lewis and his colleagues believe that the point is not in gait, but in the bend of the lower back: men subconsciously consider the angle of 45 degrees between the female buttocks to be beautiful with their backs, and heels help to form it. Scientists explain the preferences of the "strong half of humanity" by evolution. 

This is an extremely important advantage: without such a bend, the pressure on the hips increases by almost 800%, which practically immobilizes the pregnant woman and increases the risk of injury, ”explains Lewis. Women with arched backs could search for food even in the last days of pregnancy and give birth without the risk of damaging the spine, and therefore this feature made them attractive to men.

But the authors of the Wearing high heels as female mating strategy study believe that heels are a way that girls use to give the green light to the gentleman they like. The scientists showed the women pictures of different guys and then asked them what shoes they would wear on a date. The more attractive a man was, the more often respondents reported that they would wear high-heeled shoes to meet him. Researchers are sure that in this way women tend to lengthen their legs, thereby making themselves sexier.

But whichever of these theories is closest to the truth, they all have one thing in common: girls are supposed to wear high heels to please men. And that's why stilettos are ridiculous and out of place at the parade: why should military women demonstrate their sexuality? And if the audience needs it so much, then when will they think about us by including lines of topless young handsome men in the parades?

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Beautiful Asian Models in Heels Photographs

Beautiful Asian Models in Heels Photographs

Beautiful Asian Models in Heels Photographs

Beautiful Asian Models in Heels Photographs

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