AlphaAnimal, The Superb Animal Alphabet by Ingo Lindmeier


AlphaAnimal: The Superb Animal Alphabet by Creative Designer Ingo Lindmeier

German creative Ingo Lindmeier takes pleasure in hijacking animals in all their forms, whether merging them or giving them new appearances. Recently it is in a new exercise that we could find it. Indeed, he designed an alphabet where each letter depicts an animal in an original and fun way.

This lover of word games let his imagination run wild through an animal alphabet called “Alphanimal”. For this, he developed a list of animals which he then linked to each of the 26 letters of the alphabet based on their German initial.

Being passionate about surrealism, he transmits it brilliantly in the majority of his creations made using Photoshop software. So don't be surprised to see a hamster hanging from pull-up bars taking the shape of an “H”, a squirrel turning into Sherlock Holmes, or even a panda hanging from the letter “P”.

We let you discover below the unusual animal alphabet of digital artist Ingo Lindmeier, also to be found on his Instagram account and on his website. And if you appreciate this kind of atypical creation, we invite you to (re)see the alphabet highlighting 26 famous brands imagined by the graphic designer Simon Koay.

If you want to know more fun with alphabet just click on "Font Generator."

Favor: Write down the actual names of animals in the comment box.

AlphaAnimal: The Superb Animal Alphabet by Creative Ingo Lindmeier

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  1. What are the names of the letters i, L, O, U, V, Y?????