The Incredible LEGO Animals By Japanese Artist Mitsuru Nikaido


The Incredible LEGO Animals By Japanese Artist Mitsuru Nikaido

No need to tell you that constructions using LEGO toys are multiplying but are not alike. To say the least, you have to look at the intricate and meticulous designs of Japanese designer Mitsuru Nikaido, who reproduces animals and insects only with LEGOs.

This wildlife enthusiast based in the city of Kurashiki in Japan shows a vivid imagination, allowing him to apprehend all kinds of constructions. By limiting himself to a very basic color palette made up of gray and white bricks, he creates all kinds of futuristic-looking animals.

Astonishing LEGO Animals Artwork By Japanese Artist Mitsuru Nikaido

We thus find various insects or animal species such as crocodiles, scorpions, snails, octopuses, or millipedes. But some of them are also equipped with mechanical members such as the fins of the walrus, the tail of the gecko which moves sideways, or the spider with articulated legs.

We let you discover Mitsuru Nikaido's strange robot-style animals below, also to be found on his Instagram and Flickr profiles. And if you are construction and animation enthusiasts, we invite you to (re) discover this incredible stop motion of the YouTuber “I like home” cutting and cooking a salmon in LEGO.

Incredible LEGO Animals Art By Japanese Artist Mitsuru Nikaido

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  1. Pretty sure Mitsuru is a female name. Anyway, wonderful work especially given the colour scheme.