CES 2022: BMW Unveils Vehicle That Can Change Color In Real-Time


CES 2022: BMW Unveils Vehicle That Can Change Color In Real-Time

The most anticipated event for technology enthusiasts is taking place right now in Los Angeles; we are obviously talking about CES 2022. But above all, it is the perfect opportunity for the German automotive group BMW to present its latest innovation called “BMW iX Flow”, a 4 × 4 that can change colors in real-time.

In collaboration with the company E Ink, a specialist in electronic ink, BMW has equipped its model with electrophoretic technology both inside and outside. This means that it will cause color changes by level thanks to an electric current.

CES 2022 BMW Unveils Vehicle That Can Change Color In Real-Time

To go into more detail, the entire BMW iX Flow has been covered with millions of microcapsules the size of a human hair and laser cut. They contain negative white pigments and positive black pigments connected by an electric current which will allow their activation and carry out color variations.

In addition, this innovation would have various qualities other than its aesthetics. It would be energy-efficient thanks to its autonomous operation, unlike the other electronic components of the vehicle.

But it would also have an impact on the duration of use of the vehicles if their color is adapted according to the weather conditions. For example, the driver can opt for white in hot weather and avoid general overheating of the vehicle and vice versa when trying to conserve heat.

At the moment, this is only a prototype from BMW that is not expected to go into service for several years. The automotive group shows originality and innovative ideas, but with such a technological advance, garage repairs are unlikely to have the same flavor…

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