Peter Thorne and His Photo Project Fat Cats


Peter Thorne and His Photo Project “Fat Cats”

Pete Thorne is one of the best and perhaps the most famous portrait photographer from Toronto, USA. He is the author of the popular photo book with photographs of elderly dogs “OLD FAITHFUL: Dogs of a Certain Age (HarperCollins)” and the photographer of the viral photoshoot “FAT CATS” (this project is presented in this article), both of these projects were featured in popular media online and in print, including People Magazine, CBC, Bored Panda, PBS, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, International Business Times, ABC News, Buzzfeed, Esquire, Toronto Life, Die Zeit, PetaPixel,, The Daily Mail, George Takei, One Green Planet, Fast Company, Mashable, Flavorwire, One Green Planet and Mother Nature Network, Modern Dog and Dogue Magazine and now on

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Pete Thorne is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) with work presented by Inkwell Management, a literary agency in New York.

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Peter Thorne and His Photo Project "Fat Cats"

In pop culture, cats have always been portrayed as slender and elegant animals. Peter Thorne breaks this stereotype by creating a photo project “Fat Cats” with portraits of Big and fat cats.

Today’s image of the fat cat in the media is widespread cynically rather than stupidly: the fat cat is a space for base cruelty and malaise: cats pose with beer bottles, cats get stuck indoors, cats seem to wonder if they want to eat others less fat cats. Peter Thorne aims to convey a compelling message through his photography project that all body types can be beautiful and all body shapes healthy.

Peter Thorne and His Photo Project "Fat Cats"

Of course, they are fat, but at the same time, they are kind, complex, sophisticated, smart, beautiful, and sometimes stupid. He spent a year and a half photographing a large number of cats.

Photographing pets, especially cats was challenging, and Peter Thorne captured the largest / fat cats pictures in the most relaxed positions. Using flattering soft light on the cats was an appropriate choice to highlight the mentally friendly side of cats. The dense composition was effectively used to frame cats with their cute and often natural expressions.

Peter Thorne has released his “Fat Cats” coffee book series of photographs as part of the “Fat Cats Big and Responsible” Kickstarter campaign. You can check out other inspirational photographs by Peter on his website.

Other works of the author on social networks and on the official website.

Peter Thorne and His Photo Project "Fat Cats"

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