AIR4: Renault Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Its 4L with A Flying Version


AIR4: Renault Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Its 4L with A Flying Version

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the legendary Renault 4L, the automaker Renault and design Arsenale The agency unveiled a new version of the vehicle worthy of Back to the Future.

This new model of the Renault 4L called AIR4 was designed as an electric drone in order to be able to fly in the air. Its design is very similar to eVTOL vehicles, which are generally electric vertical take-off and landing airplanes.

In order not to distort the iconic car, its bodywork remained similar to the original, which first appeared in 1961. However, this version does not have side doors, and entry into the vehicle is therefore via the rear, lifting the shell made of carbon fiber.

Equipped with 2 lithium-polymer batteries and four propellers with two blades at each end giving it a maximum flight angle of 70 degrees, it can move at a speed varying from 85 to 90 km / h and fly at 700 m of maximum altitude.

This flying car model of the Renault 4L will be on display at Atelier Renault in Paris until the end of the year and will fly (no pun intended) to Miami and New York in early 2022.

For 60 years, this car has become an icon in the automotive world, and thanks to this unusual revisit (to be discovered in the video below), it is considered today as the first French flying vehicle.

And this project reminds us, in another style, of the transformation of the Renault 4L by Mathieu Lehanneur into a design room with a panoramic view.

Photos of the AIR4 the first flying Car Renault 4L

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