17 of The Best Free Photo Editing Software 2022

17 of The Best Free Photo Editing Software / Best Free Image Editing Apps 2022

When you create a website, everything is important: content gives your visitors the information they need and visuals capture their attention. That is why they must be worked with the greatest care. For this, whether you use your own photos or those from image banks, you will surely have to edit them a little before adding them to your page.

17 of The Best Free Photo Editing Software Apps 2022

If Photoshop is the first name that comes to mind when we think of retouching our photos, reality often reminds us to order: this software can be really intimidating for the uninitiated and especially very expensive. However, do we want our site to look like a bad clip from the 80s? This is where we come in!

Below is the list of the best, professional, and easy-to-use free photo editing software 2022 / free image editing apps 2022. The icing on the cake: they are free!

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
  2. GIMP
  3. Paint.NET
  4. Darktable
  5. Pixlr
  6. Pixlr X
  7. Photofiltre
  8. PhotoScape X
  9. Photos
  10. Photos Pos Pro
  11. InPixio
  12. PhotoWorks
  13. BeFunky
  14. Affinity Photo
  15. Adobe Photoshop CC
  16. XnViewMP
  17. Leawo PhotoIns

01. Adobe Photoshop Express

Made for: Photo Editing On Mobile

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Your level is not sufficiently advanced for the Photoshop program? Or, can’t you afford overpriced photo software? No problem, Adobe has heard your prayers and offers a simplified and free tool: Adobe Photoshop Express. Unlike its big brother, this one is intended for beginner photographers or those looking to do quick retouching while maintaining an excellent level of quality.

The menu is divided into two modes: “Edit” and “Decorate”. The first allows you to do basic retouching, adjustments, and effects. The second is used to add text or make photomontages.

Adobe Express Photo Editor might not be the most feature-rich, but it can let you achieve a beautiful result without having to go through a long learning process. Moreover, you can revert to the original photo at any time and it can make a difference.

Pros: It has sophisticated filters, a simple interface, and professional results.

Cons: The only available export format is JPG, which works on Flash, limited tools.

Platforms of use: Web and mobile (iOS, Android, Windows).

Paid version? The full version of Adobe Photoshop software for computers starts from $13.52/month.

02. GIMP 

Made for: Advanced Users

GIMP is considered to be the best free photo editing software/apps 2022 on the market. It includes a large number of features, from the most basic to advanced. Beginners will appreciate the tools for cropping, color adjustment, and automatic image processing. The more advanced users have not left on the (re) touch either, since they can use GIFs, a tool of “Face Swap” to reverse faces, but also slaps and custom brushes.

02. GIMP

This makes it an excellent alternative to Photoshop for those who already know how to use professional software. On top of that, GIMP’s interface is fully customizable. Thanks to GIMP’s Plugins that you can add at no additional cost.

GIMP has the advantage of being open-source software with a very active community. This means that the platform is constantly being improved and that all users can benefit from it for free.

Pros: Professional features, an open-source program, a technical support service.

Cons:  A difficult handling, a non-intuitive interface, no mobile version.

Platforms of use: computer only (Linux, OS X, Windows).

Paid version? No.

03. Paint.NET

Made for: Beginners

Paint.NET was originally designed to replace Microsoft Paint (RIP). The core digital illustration program evolved into free, easy-to-use, good-quality image editing software.

It’s a tool with a clean interface and plenty of keyboard shortcuts – which is very handy for first-time users who don’t want to spend hours on it. Paint.NET also has basic photo editing 2022 features like the ability to adjust brightness, contrasts, tones, etc., and go back if you don’t like the result. In addition to this, the software makes available on its forum Plugins created by its own community of developers. You can use them to have access to more advanced features like the famous 3D zoom.

The pros: an intuitive interface, access to all the editing history.

The cons: a limited tool, not as powerful as other alternatives, no advanced features.

Platforms of use: computer only (Windows).

Paid version? No, but you can support the project by paying Paint.NET for $8.


Hire Photo Editor

Photos Editing Services is simple and easy to use Tools / Service for all kind of photo editing and retouching. If you are having trouble to fix your portrait for social media or business website? OR need help to improve your event / wedding photos? OR need to create saleable product photos for your online store? Hire professional photo editing service and get you work done in lowest possible cost

PROs: Simple Process, Easy to Use, High quality results and cheap rates.

Cons: It’s not Free

04. Darktable

Open source competitor of Lightroom, Darktable is a photo manager that will not only allow you to catalog your images but also to develop your RAW files. Darktable’s interface provides access to a light table from where you can view your images in a catalog, as well as a darkroom where you can develop your RAW files and edit your photos.

04. Darktable

The program offers everything you need to improve the rendering of your images. You can thus manage the contrast, brightness, and saturation parameters, but also adjust the shadows and highlights or act on the base curve. The utility will also allow you to crop and rotate your photos, refine their orientation, or play on the exposure of your image.

It is therefore no surprise that this tool has all the features needed to thoroughly retouch your photos: white balance, saturation, vibrancy, contrast, shadows, high light, exposure … In short, everything is there, the list of features still being long.

On the interface side, it is easy to navigate so you will have no trouble getting to grips with this software. Darktable also includes a module allowing you to display your thumbnails on a world map or even generate a slideshow of the most beautiful images in your catalog.

Open source and completely free, Darktable was designed by professional photographers.

05. Pixlr

Made for: Professional Photo Editing

Pixlr has long been a popular online photo editor 2022, and for good reason: it’s a powerful, free tool that’s very close to Photoshop. Pixlr is available in two versions, a professional and a simplified “express” version – which we detail a little below. The Pixlr editor offers more features than you can imagine. Among them are the exposure level, automatic image processing, a very sophisticated color picker (eyedropper), and many more.

If you have not understood anything from what we have just mentioned, focus on the following paragraph dedicated to its simplified version.

The pros: a powerful tool, nothing to download, possibility to import a photo from several options.

The cons: displays advertisements, work with Flash, no batch image processing.

Platforms of use: Web and mobile (iOS, Android).

Paid version? Pixlr Pro is 6$ / month.

06. Pixlr X

Made for: Quick Online Retouching

Just as we compare Pixlr to Photoshop, Pixlr X is the counterpart of Photoshop Express. It’s a simple, no-frills editor used only for minor tweaks. After adding your photo, you can choose between only ten tools (and that’s more than enough): modify colors, crop the image, delete elements, and much more. Those looking for more advanced features will have to look to big brother.

The advantages: a clear interface, nothing to download, touch-ups in one click.

The disadvantages: A limited tool, no advanced features, less powerful than Pixlr.

Platforms of use: online on the computer.

Paid version? No.

07. Photofiltre

Photofiltre is presented as an image editing software that is easy to use. As its name suggests, it essentially allows you to use filters to give artistic effects to your photos (for example; pointillism, watercolor, etc.). 

07. Photofiltre

This software has a large number of tools and features to retouch your photos: filters, brushes, an eraser, a selection tool, gradients, red-eye correction, etc.

After being enriched with new features, it also allows you to do an automatic filling or use layers.

The only way to get a little more functionality is of course to pay for the license. However, graphics experts agree that Photofiltre can be used by photo retouching enthusiasts, provided they have very simple modifications to make.

The pros: Documentation is even available in French.

The cons: Aging ergonomics with an impressive number of buttons, giving an impression of “clutter”, Poor management of vector images, Tutorials that install adware on your computer.

Paid version? Basically free, this software now has a paid version. 

08. PhotoScape X

Made for: Beginners Looking For Advanced Features

Welcome to the all-in-one AND easy-to-use photo editing software of 2020 for the uninitiated. The program includes the most advanced features: filters, frames, brushes, color pickers, stamps, and more. This makes it a go-to option for professional photographers, especially since it allows batch processing of images, which is great when you need to retouch 200 at the same time.

However, it is not just technical software. PhotoScape X also has creative tools that make it very attractive to amateurs of all kinds. Effects, texts, Stickers, or collages, you can also create visuals for social networks or for marketing campaigns.

To help you find your way around, the PhotoScape X site offers tutorial videos explaining how to use each tool and for what purpose.

The pros: thousands of filters and effects applicable in one click, supports many file formats, creative models.

The cons: a complex interface, slowness, no advanced features.

Platforms of use: computer only (OS X, Windows).

Paid version? PhotoScape X Pro price for (Windows only) $39.99

09. Fotor

Made for: Simple Image Processing

Fotor offers the basic functions of Image editing (brightness, saturation, etc.), but it adds the possibility of creating more advanced effects such as wrinkle removal or teeth whitening for example. Plus, it includes creative tools like pre-designed templates for photomontages, marketing campaigns, or social media posts.

What really sets it apart from the rest is its ability to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos quite simply. Just put one low contrast photo, one normal contrast photo, and one high contrast photo into the HDR editor and Fotor merges the three together to get a crisp and smooth picture.

Fotor is a comprehensive tool, but it ranks more as image processing software than photo editing. You can use it to get the most out of your visuals, but professional photographers will likely need a more sophisticated platform.

The advantages: creative tools, easy-to-use models, the possibility of batch image processing.

The cons: no manual editing, no plugin, displays advertisements.

Platforms of use: Web and mobile (iOS, Android).

Paid version? Fotor Pro starts from $ 3.33 / month.

10. Photos Pos Pro

Made for: Beginners Who Want To Learn More

Photos Pos Pro was created with one purpose: to be the best photo editing software for beginners and pros alike. You have the choice between two interfaces:

A platform with the possibility of making advanced manual retouching, in particular thanks to the tools we know (brushes, layers, textures, etc.) and the possibility of processing images in batches.

That is more focused on automatic retouching allows obtaining a quality rendering in a few clicks thanks to the use of filters.

The pros: two interfaces for two different uses, batch image processing, and numerous filters.

The cons: a limited export size whatever the initial resolution of your image, no advanced tools, difficult to learn.

Platforms of use: computer only (Windows).

Paid version? Photo Pos Pro Premium is available starting at $ 29.90 (plus a 21-day free trial period).

11. InPixio

Made for: Quick, Creative Retouching For Images To Share Online


InPixio is actually made up of 6 programs, each one specializing in a well-defined retouching tool:

  • Photo Editor – basic image corrections.
  • Photo Maximizer: used to zoom, and create HD photos.
  • Photo Focus: to create sharp images.
  • Photo Erase: to delete items.
  • Photo Cutter: to change the background.
  • Photo Clip: for creating photomontages.

Overall, InPixio is an easy-to-use software that allows novice users to create beautiful images to share with their friends or on social media.

The pros: the ability to share your photos on social networks in one click, easy to use, supports all formats.

The cons: limited manual edition, the free version requires watermarks, not fully available on OS X.

Platforms of use: OS X, Windows, iOS.

Paid version? InPixio Photo Editor PRO for $ 19.99.

12. PhotoWorks

Made for: Beginners Who Want Professional Results 

PhotoWorks is an image editor 2020 with artificial intelligence, rich in tools and easy to learn from the first use. With a French interface, well organized in tabs, the software allows automatic or manual retouching without tedious selections, using intuitive sliders or easy-to-use brushes. 

The flagship feature of PhotoWorks is content-based portrait editing: one-click enhancement of facial photos with preset styles, easy editing of facial features and body parts in photos.

The software can also boast of more than 180 artistic effects capable of transforming your shots with just one click, including tone and light effects, cinema, retro, color splash, sunbeams, 3D LUT and HDR.

With PhotoWorks, you can improve image quality with one click, remove all unwanted elements, remove or replace any background with ease, overlay images, add frames and texts, batch process your photos, And much more.

The advantages: a user-friendly interface in French, professional tools, non-destructive image processing, free updates, and customer support.

The disadvantages: no Mac or mobile version, does not allow the processing of layers.

Platforms: computer only (Windows).

Paid version? PhotoWorks is available from 16$ as a one-time purchase (a free trial period is 5 days).

13. BeFunky

Made for: Online Creative Image Processing

BeFunky is a simple and user-friendly tool that allows beginners to obtain a professional rendering. It is divided into three sections: the photo editor, the collage tool, and a creative platform. The first has all the basic retouching features (exposure, contrast, textures, etc.). As for the other two sections, BeFunky offers many Templates that you can customize. In addition, in any case, you have access to your history to go back as soon as you want.

BeFunky is actually quite similar to Fotor, although it has more advanced features if you subscribe to the Premium version.

The pros: works on the drag/drop principle, access to an image bank, many Templates.

The cons: Most editing tools are paid, display advertisements; need to register for the creative platform.

Platforms of use: Web and mobile (iOS, Android).

Paid version? BeFunky Plus starts at $ 6.99 / month.

14. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is one of the good Photoshop alternatives. The software is very efficient and benefits from a neat interface. 

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is software that allows you to process files and perform a number of actions such as batch processing and other corrections. A newcomer to the world of photo software, it is proving to be a declared competitor of Photoshop without having the cost.

Affinity Photo offers online support through a growing community. It is software that evolves rapidly, and you must evolve with it in your practice. If you feel like it then you will have a promising tool.

  1. – All languages are available after installation (In Edit> Preferences> General)
  2. – Available for Mac & Windows only (installable version, not Windows Store) 
  3. – The purchase of a license gives the right to 2 years (minimum) of updates. In reality, the updates will go further (up to V2.0 at least).

Paid version? Price: 62$ for a perpetual license, period. 

15. Adobe Photoshop CC

The notoriety of this software is well established. As every graphic designer, professional or amateur photographer knows, Photoshop is incomparable to other software. Indeed, this software contains a number of impressive features, and above all very useful. 

Photoshop can do it all, maybe too much! You can adjust the basic settings of a photo, develop a RAW, but Photoshop’s strength lies in its ability to perform complex treatments (heavy dusting, complex retouching layers, juxtaposition of photos, graphics). 

Photoshop requires real learning to be mastered; this software is complex for most beginners. Its synergies with other software in the Adobe suite, such as Lightroom or Photoshop Element, give it a power with which no software can compete.

Paid version? The once very high price is now much more affordable and you can get Photoshop with the Lightroom Classic / Photoshop bundle through the Creative Cloud monthly subscription which makes the bundle affordable for all budgets.

16. XnViewMP

XnViewMP or XnView MP is a free software intended to allow you to work on your photos in an optimal way. Indeed, XnViewMP offers you a large set of tools and features to convert and view your photos and images.

As a result, thanks to XnViewMP, you will be able to benefit from the functionalities of XnView Classic but improved and more complete. On the other hand, XnViewMP allows you to convert over 500 image formats and export them to around 70 formats to ensure you view them almost anywhere.

XnViewMP comes in the form of a file explorer allowing you to manage your photo albums and including a toolbar for editing photos. A batch conversion module is integrated to process several images at the same time and many improvements and optimizations have been made in terms of performance compared to XnView.

17. Leawo PhotoIns

Made for: Beginners

Powered by advanced AI technology and a smart algorithm, Leawo PhotoIns is designed as a complete photo editor which consists of 2 main modes – Photo Enhancer and Photo BG Remover (more features to follow).

Photo Enhancer can automatically and intelligently improve the quality of batch photos, including facial enhancement, color enhancement, sharpness of details, white balance and dynamic range adjustment, lens correction, etc.

Photo BG Remover is an all-in-one photo background remover, which can automatically remove the background from the image. Besides, users can also make more fine adjustments to remove the photo background and change the photo background with just a few clicks.

The Leawo PhotoIns Pros: 

  • 1. Automatically enhance the photo and remove the photo background, without human intervention.
  • 2. Change the background of the photo with a few clicks.
  • 3. Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The Leawo PhotoIns cons: 

  • 1. Not for professionals.
  • 2. Lack of advanced editing tools

Platforms of use: Windows and Mac.

Paid version: 

  • 1. Support for batch processing in the Photo Enhancer module.
  • 2. No watermark.
  • 3. Starting at $ 19.95 / year.

We have shared the most popular and best free photo editing software/apps of 2022 and now it’s up to you which one is the best image editing apps to make your photo enhancement. Check all image editing software and don’t forget to add your favorite one in the comment box.

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