The Golden Thread – The Art of Sandro Sebastian


“The Golden Thread” – The Art of Sandro Sebastian

Art and creativity are the instinctive voice
of the human imagination. The creative efforts of a people in the world today, or at any point in history, is a representation of the “shape” of their thoughts and ideas about the world around them. With no standard for what makes art a compelling creation, with an attitude and charisma that signals it not just a mere piece of furniture, with no absolute authority on what is to be deemed compelling and mysterious, and what is mere flat, flavorless graphic design, we are at the mercy of this individual artist’s notion and expression of what gets the job done, in terms of seducing an audience. 
"The Golden Thread" - The Art of Sandro Sebastian

The following discussion, among viewers then, is about how much we buy into this individual artist’s “definition.” If the artist can convince enough people in the community that he or she has got not the “right” answer, but at the
very least an interesting answer, as to what makes a work of art more than mere graphic design or furniture, then the artist is in
"The Golden Thread" - The Art of Sandro Sebastian

It becomes an endless journey then, to discover the “different sides of life” exposed to humanity through artists eyes in different time periods and across different cultures.Turning a physical object into more than just flavorless furniture has no definite technique or method, just what “we” can imagine it doing, charisma-wise, that is. The art of Sandro Sebastian seeks to draw inspiration from historical references, going back not just to the European Renaissance, but ancient empires such as the Egyptians or tribes of lower Africa as well.
"The Golden Thread" - The Art of Sandro Sebastian

It is in this exercise that minds are opened, perspectives broadened, and deeper insights into the human condition are realized.
"The Golden Thread" - The Art of Sandro Sebastian

Sandro Sebastian said that “when my mind was freed from the constraints I didn’t know it had, I was given more creative freedom to decide for myself what was important in my own art, and expose a new side of life to my viewer that refreshes them as much as it refreshes me. Through time periods, eras and civilizations,
there is most certainly a “Golden Thread” that runs through all of this.” 
Sandro Sebastian
"The Golden Thread" - The Art of Sandro Sebastian

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