How to Remove Any Watermark from Photo?

How to Remove Any Watermark from Photo?

Have you faced a situation like losing the original photo you took and ended up with a copy with a watermark? Well, if the answer is yes, then nothing to worry about, and you can easily remove the watermark in different ways. Lots of software and online services are available which will allow you to get rid of any unwanted marks effortlessly.

Both premium and freemium software and online services can be utilized to get rid of watermarks. You can use software and websites like Photoshop, Pixlr, InPaint,, GIMP, Apowersoft Watermark Remover, WebinPaint, Unwanted Object Remover, etc. Know about all of them and how they work elaborately throughout this article.

What Means by Watermark in Photos?

Watermark in Photos

Watermark is one kind of copyright protection mechanism, and the basic purpose is to protect the content. It also means claiming the ownership of an asset that cannot be used without paying or permeation. A watermark can be a shape, logo, text that overlays the content. 

Most photographers often add watermarks in order to protect their creative work from unauthorized use or theft. Watermarks are commonly very light so that they do not interfere with the visualization of that content. Sometimes it’s like a headache when it’s about removing the entire image from the watermarked one. 

Do you also find it difficult to remove the watermark without degrading the image quality? Actually, it’s not as tough as most people think; you can easily remove unwanted watermarks in several ways. You can take help from a photo watermark removal service and also use several paid and free software.

How to Remove Any Watermark from Photo?

Adding an image in a document allows making the document’s core aspect more clear. However, attaching any picture with any type of mark or watermark can impact the quality of your document. Well, the good news is you can eliminate the watermark in different ways. Since there are plenty of options available, you can do it without any hassle. Here we’re going to show the process, have a look:

1. Photoshop:


Photoshop is a graphic and image creation software that is best for any graphic design-related work. Here you can perform different types of photo manipulation operations, including watermark removing options. Photoshop has several predefined features which will let you remove any watermark in a matter of minutes. Here we’ve included some effortless ways to remove watermark from photos with Photoshop:

A. Content Aware Fill: Content-Aware Fill follows an efficient way to remove any type of object from a photo. Here is the procedure.

Launch the Photoshop software and then drag or open the photo from “File> Open. 

Now use any tool including Pen Tool, Magic Wand Tool, or Quick Selection Tool to make a selection around the watermark. 

After selecting the watermark area, now follow the following path – Edit > Fill button > Content-Aware option. 

From here, change the mode to Normal and set down the opacity to 100%. Once you’re done, tap on Ok to get an image watermark.

B. Clone Stamp and Healing Brush Tools: Using Clone Stamp and Healing Brush Tools will let you completely eradicate objects from photos. Here are the steps you need to follow to use this tool:

As usual, launch Photoshop and open the watermarked photo.

Now tap on the left side toolbar and choose the Clone Stamp tool. Tap on the right side of our mouse to adjust the hardness and brush size.

Hold the Alt button and tap on the area next to or near the watermark. Release the Alt button after taking the samples.

Next, use the cursor and start painting over the watermark. Don’t forget to use the Healing Brush tool to remove or clean the tiny spots or marks. 

You’ll find the Healing Brush tool on the left side toolbar. Adjust the brush size and hardness by right-clicking on the image. 

Now hold the Alt button and take samples from the area around the watermarked area. After that, begin panting over the small marks with small clicks and keep doing it until all the watermarks are gone.

C. Crop Option: Sometimes, you may not need to use any specific tool to remove any type of watermark. Depending on the watermark placement, you can use the crop option to eliminate the unwanted mark or sign. Follow the below steps to use the crop option. 

Open Photoshop and also open the photo.

Select the crop tool from the toolbar, drag edge, and corners of the photo to mark the crop boundaries.

Now drag down or up from the area you want to remove any unwanted mark. Once you’re done, simply save the photo to use the photo without a watermark.

2. Pixlr:

Pixlr is a free cloud-based image editing tool packed with a bunch of built-in imaging editing tools. From beautifying your image to removing any watermark can be done in a matter of a minute. This image editing service will let you use many image formats such as PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and PXD. Pixlr offers two different tools to remove any type of watermark, including Clone Stamp Tool and Spot Heal Tool. Here we’ll show you the watermark removing process through the Clone Stamp Tool:

Launch the Pixlr on any web browser from your device and upload your photo by clicking on the “Open Image” button.

Select Retouch and then Clone Stamp Tool from the left side tool panel. 

Now tap on the watermark area and keep dragging the mouse precisely to erase or remove the watermark.

Once you’re done, tap on the “Save” button to save the edited photo. After completing saving, tap on the download button to use the photo for further purposes.

3. InPaint:

InPaint is another popular cloud-based image editing platform that allows performing image editing activities efficiently. Instead of wasting plenty of time removing watermarks from any photo through software, you can use this cloud platform. InPaint will let you remove all types of watermarks in a professional manner. Learn about watermark removing process through the below steps

Browse to InPaint from any web browser of your device and upload your watermarked photo through “Upload Image.”

Select the Marker Tool from the left side menu bar and draw over the watermark area through this tool. Before starting dragging, you adjust marker size and small size will give you a sound output.

After selecting the area, a transparent color will appear in the selected areas.

Select the “Erase” option from the upper toolbar and select “Download” option to save the watermark removed photo on your device.


Basically, is a web-based app that will let you do image editing-related activities efficiently. It has a bunch of editing software, and a clone tool is one of them. This tool allows removing all types of wanted markers, signs from a photo. Below, we’ll show you the watermark removing process through

Open from your device through any browser.

Select the “Clone Stamp” tool from the toolbar and adjust the brush size as your preference. Selecting excess size can ruin your watermark removing process.

Tap on the “Ctrl” and move the cursor near the watermark area. 

Now it’s time to draw the cursor over the watermark. This process will remove the watermark and fill the area with the near scenario. 

5. GIMP:

GIMP is free image editing software that will let you do many editing activities, including removing watermarks. It is an offline software that uses similar tools to Photoshop and GIMP offers a very simple and useful editing process and follows the below steps to remove watermark through it. 

Launch the GIMP app on your device, open the photo you want to remove the watermark through File, and then Open.

Choose the “Clone” from the tools option and select or mark an area or copy an area to clone to the watermark area.

During the cloning process, you can use the Heal tool to tidy up your photo if required. 

Once you’re done, save the edited photo through File and then save.

6. Apowersoft Watermark Remover:

Basically, Apowersoft Watermark Remover is a paid software that allows removing any type of watermark efficiently. It uses smoothing and blur techniques to eliminate unwanted objects from images. Apowersoft Watermark Remover also offer a very simple watermark removing process, have a look- 

Get the app on your device and open it.

After opening the software, tap on “+” to import the photo you want to remove the watermark. 

You will use a box, simply drag the box over the watermark and then tap on “Erase.”

Once the removal process is done, download the photo on your device.

7. WebinPaint:

WebinPaint is a web-based photo editing app that allows removing watermarks, erasing wires, deleting unwanted people, and many more. Since it is a cloud-based service, you’ll need the internet to use this editing service. It is available in both premium and freemium; however freemium services offer limited usability. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the WebinPaint-

Open WebinPaint from any web browser of your device. 

Tap on “Upload Image” and upload the watermarked image.

Now use the mouse cursor and mark the watermark through it. You can set the size of the marker based on your convenience.

Once marking is done, now tap on the “Erase” option and wait to complete the procedure.

Once the removal process is done, now download the edited photo and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Now you know it’s not a tough or difficult task to remove any watermark from your or any image. There are many options and services available that you can try to upload your image without containing unwanted watermarks. We’ve shown the watermarks removing process in many ways through different software and web platforms. We also included both premium and freemium services that you can use as your needs. Simply give one of them a try and enjoy having and uploading images without water or unwanted marks or signs.

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