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A professional boudoir photography or photo session does not just mean banal nudity. This type of photo shooting requires from the photographer not only the ability to emphasize the thoughtful accents of the female body and show its sexuality and professionalism, but also to do it aesthetically, and femininely sensually, without violating the border between sexuality and vulgarity.

boudoir photography

Therefore, it is important to find a photographer who feels this fine line and embodies the idea with taste.


When you start looking for your “own” photographer, answer the question: “Why do I need boudoir photography?”

What do you want to get in the process? What is important to you: new experience, emotions? To live an unusual role for yourself, to reveal your femininity and sexuality? Accept yourself and your body? Capture yourself at the peak of your beauty and attractiveness? Are you doing this for yourself or for your beloved man? How do you want to look in the photo?


boudoir photography

Answers to these questions will help you find a photographer and further training.


One of the most important points. Take this issue seriously, because the result and pleasure of the process will largely depend on its professionalism.

boudoir photography

You should not turn to the first person you see or be guided solely by the principle “it’s cheaper here”.

Explore the work of a few of your favorite photographers. Read what they write about on social networks, how they communicate with subscribers. Found someone whose style resonates with your inner world? Then feel free to write or call and make an appointment.

Personal contact will allow you to decide whether you will be comfortable working together, and will help the photographer understand your wishes.


During the preliminary meeting with the photographer, discuss all the nuances that are important to you. The degree of openness and frankness. What do you want to focus on, and what, on the contrary, hide. The more detailed you can tell about your wishes, the more successful the result will be.

boudoir photography

If you want the shooting to be private and the shots are not published on the website and in the photographer's portfolio, be sure to inform about it in advance. A professional photographer will treat this with understanding, and this will relieve you of unnecessary stress and allow you to better open up and trust, which is very important for boudoir photography.


Prepare a reference - examples of photos, the style of which you like. First on their own, then discussing with the photographers. Boudoir photography can be different, so it is important to find those examples that appeal to you. To do this, use the resource Pinterest.

boudoir photography

Decide on the style, image, items of clothing or underwear.

It is better to entrust makeup and styling to a professional. To keep the image sensual, but not become vulgar, give preference to the emphasis on the eyes, and leave your lips neutral. Do not do pretentious hairstyles and doll curls, this greatly reduces the cost of the image. Light wave and slightly sloppy styling are great options.


Ideally, start preparing a week before shooting (as early as possible).

boudoir photography

  • For this period, give up bad habits - exclude alcohol and smoking.
  • Observe your sleep schedule. Go to bed before 11 pm. In the interval from 23:00 to 1:00 in the female body, there is a restoration of the psycho-emotional state, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness and affects the appearance.
  • Go for a massage or spa. This will release your body clamps and remove excess stress.
  • Watch your diet. Don't overeat. A light, unloading diet is encouraged.
  • Discard the tanning bed. Overdried and highly tanned skin visually ages. Better to use a light bronzer and body highlighter.
  • Get a neutral manicure and pedicure. And don't forget about epilation.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of fluids the day before to avoid swelling.
  • Get ready to shoot like a long-awaited date with your beloved man!

By following these guidelines, on the day of shooting, you will feel high, light and attractive. And the result largely depends on your inner state!

boudoir photography


You are well prepared, and now the X hour has come. Now just exhale and enjoy the process. To make it easier to relax and adapt on set, do not strip completely immediately. Do this gradually as you feel comfortable and relaxed. Do not be afraid to go beyond standard poses, let go of the shyness and follow the photographer's recommendations.

boudoir photography

Be yourself! Love your body! Get inspired!

Use boudoir photography as a therapy for self-acceptance. This way you can reveal and enhance your femininity, sensuality and sexuality.

boudoir photography

Remember that each of you is beautiful in itself - a professional photographer only shows this and emphasizes your uniqueness and depth with light strokes.

boudoir photography

Professional Photographer from Phoenix Boudoir Studio

Michael Jones is a professional boudoir photographer who lives in Phoenix with his lovely wife Amy and two children. Skillfully and with pleasure combines these two directions in his work and creativity. He has been working as a freelance boudoir photographer for more than 10 years in Phoenix and the Las Vegas areas.

boudoir photography

At Phoenix boudoir studio, Michael Jones always take an individual approach to come up with unique and elegant pictures for each client. Let's tell your story through beautiful photographs and capture lifes best moments to make it memorable.  

The mission of the Phoenix Boudoir is to enable a woman to escape from everyday life and routine, to feel like a Muse and Queen, to feel the state of "I am worthy!" Remind you that each of you is beautiful in itself!

Michael Jones believe that all women are beautiful. Sadly, studies have shown that the majority of women have low self esteem when it comes to their bodies. Our world is filled with unrealistic images of supposed beauty; in movies, music, videos, print, advertising, etc. Unfortunately, nearly all boudoir photographers fill their portfolio with paid professional models. All of the images in his portfolio are clients, so you can see REAL results from women just like YOU. Whatever your comfort level, from traditional lingerie to more erotic images, he can give you the boudoir experience you'll remember forever.

boudoir photography

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