How to Enlarge Images without Losing Quality – Review

How to Enlarge Images without Losing Quality – Review

Why We Need to Enlarge Image without Losing Quality?

When displaying or sharing a picture on the Internet, we often need to resize or enlarge image without losing quality to fit completely on the viewer’s screen. In particular, you might want to reduce the image when you send it as an email attachment or post it on a website. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with their image size limits, are no exception.

How to Enlarge Images without Losing Quality - Review

Now it is important to understand how to resize a photo without losing quality and how to increase resolution of image. Technically, resizing changes the pixel information. For example, when the width and height of the image become smaller, all unnecessary pixel information will be removed. To upscale image, the image resizer must add new pixels based on the original pixels, which results in blurry looking images. Thus, the essence of image resizing without losing of quality is to take the picture at the maximum resolution and reduce the size.

Resize Images Online with Image Upscaler

There is a wide range of image editing software with all sorts of features like artificial intelligence image processing, 3D rendering, etc. Almost all of these tools offer basic image editing functionality, including image resizing or upscale photo. However, advanced software can be costly and difficult to implement due to the steep learning curve. For most users looking for a free (only first 10 images) and easy to use online photo resizing app, ImageUpscaler can be the solution. 

Image Upscaler is an online service / resizing tool that upscales images and pictures in four (4 x) times. Upscale Photo uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), which makes images/photos bigger without making it blurry and saving its quality at the same time.

In Image Upscaler you can easily resize/enlarge WEBP, TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP images with the handy option to keep the original aspect ratio. To reduce the file size of the image, we recommend you to try this online website. Enlarge images online in just a few clicks, without installing any additional software, all in one!

How to Enlarge Images without Losing Quality - Review

How Do I Resize An Image?

  • To resize an image online, upload it from your device to the Imageupscaler.Com website.
  • After that, click on “Upscale Image” button”
  • In third step the Processing will take 10 to 60 seconds
  • After completing the processing upscaler images will show you both images before and after.
  • Click on download button and enjoy your increase resolution of an image.

Free And Safe

Imageupscaler is a free online photo resizing application where simplicity is an important feature. It’s an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly and secure service for resizing / enlarge your images without compromising privacy. They don’t collect or transfer uploaded pictures to third parties.

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