Best Online Platforms for Buying Art


Best Online Platforms for Buying Art

Since the strategic director of the platform, Maria Baibakova, and the main investor of the project, Dasha Zhukova, set the trend in online galleries, there have been noticeable changes in this market. Over the past year, Internet platforms specializing in contemporary art have abandoned a purely commercial approach and now not only seek to offer their visitors to purchase the creations of today's significant artists, but also carefully try to instill in them a taste. The most striking example of this evolution is the newsletter.recipient of the most prestigious Internet Industry Webby Award in 2013. In the spirit of the general trend of the information age, online galleries are becoming a kind of conduit between collectors, traditional galleries, and artists.

Best Online Platforms for Buying Art

Checkout below the Most Popular and Best Online Platforms for Buying Art

On you can buy paintings, photographs, sculptures, home furnishings, porcelain, and even jewelry. Artsy also has a very sophisticated search engine. The selection can be made according to the following parameters: size, price, style, and era. Even an inexperienced user can easily select a picture by setting the search parameters. In addition to Dasha Zhukova and a number of other investors, such professionals as Larry Gagosian, Marc Glimcher and former curator of the New York MoMA John Elderfield are working on this project. They are responsible for filling the site, searching for artists.

The Artspace Internet platform was founded in 2011; in 2013, Maria Baibakova became the strategic direction of the company. The site features over 1200 artists, including such legendary names as Ilya Kabakov. In addition to paintings, the site sells prints, photographs, sculptures, and books. The pricing policy is striking in its versatility: prices start at 15 euros and continue indefinitely.

Online auction appeared in 1989 in Berlin. Further, over time, it began to capture the whole world. The site features over 300,000 artists from different eras. In addition to paintings, you can buy antique carpets, clocks, and ceramics here. This is a real collector's paradise! In February 2014, the company launched a 24-hour news broadcast channel based on Jacob Pabst, chief executive of the online auction, called it "Bloomberg in the arts."

A year ago, the management of decided to launch a project to sell art. You can choose work in 5 categories: painting, photography, pop art, mixed media, and prints. If these definitions do not tell users about anything, and you still want to refine the interior, then more accurate categories will come to the rescue. So, for example, you can make a selection by color, the subject depicted in the painting (sea, animals, and portrait), style, size, value, by artist and gallery. Prices range from $60 to infinity!


Craftinga is designed to make a stunning Marketplace for artists/artisans Community that celebrates creativity. Their mission is to promote a positive culture by highlighting the best sides of humanity from the lighthearted and fun to the thought- enlightening and provoking.

Saatchi Art Online Gallery

Saatchi Art Online Gallery is not only an online platform for selling art but also a social network for artists, art dealers, and buyers. Each artist can create his own personal page and upload up to 20 paintings. Saatchi Art offers forums, blogs, photos, videos, and illustrations, as well as round-the-clock news feed updates. Not so long ago, a column "Online TV" appeared on the site, where everyone can watch broadcasts from exhibition openings, materials from artists' studios, various performances, interviews.

Canadian Art Gallery

Antoine Khanji is a talented and very professional artist from Canada. 

He said that "I don’t want people to see my art, I want people to feel, hear, smell, touch, and finally see my work,” 
Canadian Art Gallery by Antoine Khanji

Since a very young age, he had honed his signature painting style of elusive symbols, obsessive vivid colors, and diagrams, and a variety of painting styles that blend with the current era. 

Besides his love of oil painting, he ventured into the digital painting using the Penup platform and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In Oct 2018, Canadian artist Antoine Khanji was inducted to the Hall of Fame of digital artists where he pioneered expressing different styles and medium in the digital artwork world.

New Horizon Oil Painting

You can see his full art collection at the Canadian artist gallery. And you can also check outstanding Oil paintings by Canadian artists by visiting his art gallery. We are sure you will not be disappointed with his excellent artwork.

We know that there are lots of Best Online Platforms for Buying Art but we have shared those once that we know very well. If you have any other good Online Platforms for buying art please don’t forget to share it in comments.

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