5 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Images & Increase Sales


5 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Images & Increase Sales

Who likes to increase sales on Amazon?  We do, we do!  

Images are one of the most effective forms of posting content.  Image quality is an element that can really make or break your success. So from the article, I am trying to share with you 5 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Images & Increase Sales.

There is no denying that competition is fierce in the e-commerce market, and the Amazon market is no exception.

Ways to Improve Your Amazon Images & Increase Sales

Amazon Strategy

Did you know that 70% of buyers on Amazon never go to the first page of search results?  In fact, according to recent statistics, 35% of users tend to take action for the first product featured on the search page.

What’s more interesting is that Amazon 4% of clicks are going to the first three products on Amazon’s search page.

With these statistics in mind, it’s easy to understand why every little detail is considered when it comes to performing on your Amazon listing.

If you’re interested in learning the best ways to improve your Amazon images in order to grow your list and increase conversions, there’s no need to look further than the next few lines.

So, come up with top ways to increase sales on Amazon.

Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon Image Requirements

First things first it’s better for amazon image editing you can take some support from some amazon product photo retouching company that provides quality work at a standard price. The first step is ensuring your images at top-notch quality. That is to make sure they adhere to Amazon’s image guidelines

  • The technical requirements surrounding the images include following a standard format of TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG.  
  • Amazon offers large sizes of at least 1000 pixels or both height or width.  Also, it adopts CMYK or SRGB color mode.
  • The platform also has specific requirements for naming your image files.  In order for your image to comply with the guidelines.
  • It must include the item’s product identifier (ASIN, UPC, ISBN, AEN, or JAN).  Then follow it with a period and appropriate file extensions (i.e., “.jpg”, “.tiff”, “and .gif “,” png”).
  • Additionally, if you include space, dash, or extra character with the file name, the image will be prevented from going online.
  • The site enables numerous guidelines for product images
  • Site standards for product images are what is required for the continuity and aesthetics of the Amazon platform.  For one, the main cover image must be a photograph that accurately represents the product for sale.  
  • The image must be professionally illuminated, in focus, without any “grateful or confusing” extra things and with “realistic color” and “smooth edges”.
  • The finished product must be in the frame and the background must be pure white.  And no extra thing like text, graphics, or images is allowed to be inserted in the image.
  • In addition, any product takes at least 85% or more of the image frames.  If you are planning to sell a book, video, or music, the original image must cover 100% of the cover art and picture frame.
  • No casing, cellophane, or promotional stickers are prohibited and no offensive or obscene images are allowed.
  • Additional images must adhere to the same basic standards.  The main difference is that cropped and close-up images are acceptable, such as varied backgrounds, text, and displaying graphics.

5 Tips for a Better Image

Tips for a Better Image

1. Scale

It’s easy to mislead customers when it comes to product size, it’s not necessarily the fault of the seller or the photographer.  However, it is your responsibility to ensure that customers receive the most accurate representation of the product as much as possible.

As a result, it is highly recommended to include units of measurement for reference.  This is much better than including other objects as a reference (such as a coin) because it eliminates all ambiguity at the customer’s end.

2. Image priority

One important thing to remember is that you will prefer different images uploaded to your list.  This is important because the required products change from the main eCommerce product image to additional images.  Amazon’s platform gives you the ability to put your images in a certain order which is a great opportunity to enhance the customer experience and present the images in the most logical way.

For example, if you sell handbags, it is understandable to set the front of the handbag as the original image.  Then, after an interior view and detailed image, proceed with the back and side view.

3. Composition and background 

We’ve already touched on the fact that Amazon favors white backgrounds, especially for the original image.  Another technique you can use to enhance your images is to use infinity curves, sometimes referred to as endless habits.  Then the curve/cove occurs when a photographer erases any hint of a background in a product image – leaving only plain, white space.

Ensuring that your image is properly composed and using the Infinite Curve / Cove effect can give your images a more aesthetic and professional impetus to your competition.

4. Diversity

As you can imagine, it is vital to add different images to your Amazon product list.  But just using two or three is not enough.  Amazon’s platform gives you a specific assignment of images to include in your list, and it’s important to use all of them.  Get as much angle as possible to remove the stigma of any doubt that arises in the mind of the customer.

Product videos are also highly recommended.  They let the consumer see the product effectively and give you a unique opportunity to sell your product in a way that stable images can’t.

Amazon also recently introduced 360 Spin, which enables sellers to use images that show a 360-degree view of the product.  The results have been impressive, converting this feature to the average list shows a 6-8% increase in the feature.

5. Optimization


It is important to focus on optimizing your images with proper SEO guidelines. The original image in particular is the first of its kind to appear in Amazon search results.  Making sure your main image is high-quality, nothing more than a product sold, and free of clutter is a great way to grab the customer’s attention when going to the results page.

Another tip, try to promote any different product features in the photos.  Is it stretched?  Show product stretch.  Is it flexible?  Use it to show off by all these clever ways you can optimize your original image and make sure it draws attention to your product.

Last Thought

I am hoping that 5 Ways To Improve Your Amazon Images & Increase Sales. Just you have to follow the rules patiently. 

With so much competition in the Amazon marketplace, there is no excuse for failing to exhaust every possible opportunity needed for your listing to succeed.  

So what are you waiting for?  Get started implementing these great strategies and give your list today the extra motivation to compete.

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