30+ Outstanding Watercolor Paintings By Qian Shi

30+ Outstanding Watercolor Paintings, Watercolor Drawings and Ink Drawings By Qian Shi 

Since childhood I like watercolor paintings, watercolor drawings, ink paintings, watercolor paintings landscapes, ink paintings portraits, watercolor paintings flowers, ink drawings and watercolor paintings for kids. 

Chinese urban traveler and cartoonist Qian Shi has the gift of portraying places and landscapes in stunning ways using only ink and watercolors. From picturesque Chinese towns and villages to ancient European and Asian cities, all kinds of landscapes are immortalized in his drawings, which feature details that awaken emotions and give life and nostalgia to the scenes. The way in which the artist plays with the lights and shadows makes the works come true and inspire one to want to be part of that scene.

Bright Side wants to present you with a selection of works by this Chinese artist Qian who takes the saying very seriously: “practice makes perfect”.

Checkout below 30+ Outstanding Watercolor Paintings, Ink Paintings and wonderful watercolor drawings of Qian Shi and make your day awesome.

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