Wonderful Illustrations of Superheroes and Supervillains Alphabet Characters by Simon Koay

Wonderful Illustrations of Superheroes and Supervillains Alphabet Characters by Australian Artist Simon Koay

The artist created an alphabet dedicated to famous characters of Kids. And each letter looks so cool that it can be entrusted with the salvation of the world. Check out these superheroes and supervillains in “SuperBet” Project

Simon Koay is a talented artist from New Zealand who, from childhood, liked to draw. And the passion for art eventually led him to receive the appropriate education. Now he works by profession in Australia, receives various awards and gets high from wonderful illustrations. It is not surprising that Simon likes comics – one of the series of drawings is dedicated to them. Simon created the original alphabet, each letter of which represents a certain character, whose name begins with this very letter. Very stylish illustrations came out, which cunningly send us to this or that superhero or supervillain. You will surely learn the majority even without a signature since in kids these are very popular now. By the way, you can also see what popular superheroes your name consists of. Maybe you’re a third Batman or a quarter Hulk – why not find out? Take a look at superheroes and super villains alphabet characters.

Wonderful Illustrations of Superheroes and Supervillains by Australian Artist Simon Koay

A - Captain America
A – Captain America

B - Batman
B – Batman

C - Cyclops
C – Cyclops

D - Daredevil
D – Daredevil

D - Deadpool
D – Deadpool

E - Electra
E – Electra

F - Flash
F – Flash

G - Ghost Rider
G – Ghost Rider

H - Hulk
H – Hulk

I - Iron Man
I – Iron Man

J - Joker
J – Joker

K - Killer Croc
K – Killer Croc

L - Loki
L – Loki

M - Mystique
M – Mystique

N - Night Snake
N – Night Snake

O - Omega Red
O – Omega Red

P - Poison Ivy
P – Poison Ivy

Q - Quicksilver
Q – Quicksilver

R - Riddler
R – Riddler

S - Spider Man
S – Spider Man

T - Two-Face
T – Two-Face

U - Ultron
U – Ultron


W - Wolverine
W – Wolverine

X - Professor
X – Professor

Y - Yellow Jacket
Y – Yellow Jacket

Z - Zatanna
Z – Zatanna

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