Everyday Things That Look Bizarre Under The Microscope (23 Pics)

The advent of electron microscopes has allowed us to see familiar things in a different way, but rather an enlarged and detailed form. So, today it is very easy to distinguish optical, electronic, scanning probe microscopes and X-ray etc. Recent reach resolution of about 5 nanometers (longitudinal unit of length in the International System of Units (SI), which is equal to one billionth of a meter (ie, 10 -9 meters)). Here is a selection of everyday bizarre things that are taken under the microscope via Zeiss Microscopy. Have a look at the bizarre and stunning collection of under the microscope pictures and get inspired.

Everyday Things That Look Bizarre Under The Microscope
Ballpoint pen

A cloth

A fruit fly

A grain of pollen

A moustache hair

A staple in some paper

Coffee grounds


Fine salt

Ground black pepper

Lots of moustache hairs

More of a fruit fly

Needle and thread



Pollen caught in fabric

Printed paper

The edge of a razor blade

The sticky bit of a post-it note

The surface of a ball bearing

The surface of an old copper penny

White sugar
White sugar


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