Stunning HDR Animals by Jeff Jaquish

Jeff Jaquish is a professional photographer who is known also as ZingPix. His main emphasis is shooting canines. He is best known for his photo documentation of working Australian Cattle Dogs. His photographs have been used world-wide in books, magazines, web sites, advertising, etc. Today we are showcasing stunning HDR animals photographs of Jeff Jaquish. Checkout

Stunning HDR Animals by Jeff Jaquish


Adorable Puppy

Australian Cattle Dog Parker

Australian Cattle Dog puppies

Australian Cattle Dog Puppy Portrait

Australian Cattle Dog puppy

Australian Kelpie

Bald Eagle

Barrel Racer from Lynden Rodeo slack

Dog Playing in Snow

Dog Portrait

Dog puppies at Australian Cattle

Female Anna's Hummingbird

Flash of Australian Cattle Dog

Girl on White Horse

Girl Riding a Horse

How to train your horse

Karrisa - a Good Horse Gone

Kate - Australian Cattle Dog

Learning to Catch things

Male Australian Cattle Dog puppy

Mis Dot at Australian Cattle Dog

Norwegian Fjords. The colt is one day old

One day old Baby Horse


Sumas Bullorama 270w

The Art of the Buck


Ugly Bull with Cast of Characters

Wanna Taste

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