18 Of the Most Adorable Wrinkled Dogs

Wrinkled dogs are consider the most adorable dogs in which everyone wants to dive into those mushy folds and take a nap. Wrinkles on face can distress your beauty while on dogs, wrinkles just add to their cuteness factor. We have a set of 18 of the most adorable wrinkled dogs.

Most Adorable Wrinkled Dogs

3. Sunday morning face

4. Wrinkles are beautiful

5. Dre

6. Dexter Boy

7. Oscar

8. Alba the Sharpei

9. I Didn't Do It

10. Bad to the Bone

11. Wrinkle face dog duke

13. Wrinkle

14. Ready For The BBQ!

15. English bulldog wrinkles

17. Cito

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  1. Pic #16 FYI: You should never cut a dogs nails with human nail clippers. They aren't shaped right and they actually crack the dogs nails which can be really painful