24 Incredible Pictures of Zebras

Zebra is beautiful animal who is also called an African wild horse with black and white stripes and an erect mane. Their adorable stripes come in different patterns and styles, unique to each individual. Zebras are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds. We offer to see a stunning collection of pictures of Zebras.

1. Synchronized Drinking
Incredible Pictures of Zebras

2. Siamese Twins

3. Zebra Valentine

5. Dance with Me

6. Zebra Dance

7. Zebra-of-grevy

8. In a row

9. Running Baby

10. Grevy Zebra-of

11. Fields of gold..

12. Zebra Foal

13. Zebras from above

14. Zebras

15. Rears Up

16. Cuddle Time!

17. Smoking fast

18. Thirsty zebra

19. B&W On B&W

20. Nothing Like a good roll in the dust

21. Equus quagga

22. Ngorongoro Zebras

23. Strike a Pose

24. Zebra on the path


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