11 April 2014

Super Cool Nature Photography by Jørn Allan Pedersen

Jørn Allan Pedersen is an amateur photographer who loves to shot nature from Antarctica and Norway. We have compiled a list of 30 super cool nature photographs that are selected from Jørn Allan Pedersen’s portfolio. We hope you will love our selection.

Peaceful Morning
Super Cool Nature Photography by Jørn Allan Pedersen

Early winter and the fight between streaming water and frozen ice has just started


Best on a dark frame

Between Autumn And Winter

Early Spring Reflections

Fall and waterfall

Fjord view by summer

Follow the stream ...

Follow the stream to a new morning


Memories from autumn


Misty flood!

Misty morning

Nærøyfjorden from kayak

Navy Seals ...

Reflections from a red tulip combined with the light from the blue hour in east

Speed boat in sunset




Sunset Photography

Test !

Test of color code

The Blue Hour

The Last Sunset

The unknown mountains in Antarctica

The water become ice and a new day begin - Early winter on the mountains

To be the first one to ski in the powder snow is a privilege

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