12 March 2014

The 30 Most Astounding Skiing Sports Pictures

Skiing is a competitive sport and recreational activity in which the participant attaches skis to shoes or boots on the feet and uses them to travel on top of snow. Pierluigi Orler is a talented photographer who loves skiing. He likes to fix in a photo whatever gives him an emotion. Hope you get the same feeling when you see his most astounding skiing sports pictures!!!

Powder snowboarder



The 30 Most Astounding Skiing Sports Pictures

Dramatic sunset

King of telemark !

Lost in powder

Magic lights

One way

Powder freeride

Pushing and sliding

Reaching the top

Riding the light

Sharping the shadow



Skiing in the wind

Skiing on the sky

Skiing under artificial snow

Skiiny Powder


Snow blast !

Snow on fire

Snow walk

Snow waves

Snowmobile's artist

Sunset's skiing

The cloud of snow

The solitary man

Up to where I belong

Windy morning on ski

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